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78-year-old gay man sits down with 13-year-old gay boy in powerful video
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78-year-old gay man sits down with 13-year-old gay boy in powerful video
'I never thought police would knock on your door and come in and arrest you for being gay. I'm shocked!'

WATCH: 78-year-old gay man sits down with 13-year-old gay boy in powerful video

7 July 2017
by James Besanvalle

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Maximilien 2Twinks 3987Not nude 31

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I'm buying Crocks
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Guys Are More Foot Shy Than Girls?
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I remember when growing up, and even today, more girls and women go around wearing flip flops and barefeet than guys do. I never understood that. Especially since guys have hot manly feet if they take care of them. I personally blame a culture of extreme gender norms that make guys feel this way, and the reason why you don't as many guys wearing sandals or nice tight shorts. 


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Welcome, Sir! My Slutty Introduction!!
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Welcome everyone! A special "Thank You" to all the warm welcomes I have received. I really appreciate them!

So, here is my introduction for everyone. For those who are curious, and haven't checked out my "About Me" section, here you go.

About Me 2.0

First off, do we have any Sugar Daddies out there? Or anyone need a house boy? I'm good at cooking and cleaning!! Lol. Haha.

Anyway, back to my introduction.

I prefer bottoming, I'm somewhat submissive, and I'm a people pleaser. I love sucking dick, ESPECIALLY uncut ones! I would not mind sucking dick all day.

Fun Fact: I don't spit gentlemen, no, I'm a swallower.

I can get into anything. If I haven't done it already, then I'm down for an experiment. I love trying new things.

I love to party! The closer I get to Pluto, the more willing I am to do ANYTHING, and I start getting super kinky!

Got fetishes you want to do/try but you can't find anybody to do it with? Say no more fam, I'm your guy!!!

I love porn! I could watch it all day. I love watching it, and I really love making it. Also, I love sharing my pics! I think it's really hot!! So, I'm totally cool with being recorded and photographed, and encourage both, as long as I get copies. If I could be a porn star, I would in a heartbeat!!

But most of all, I love making people happy. I REALLY hate when guys are not satisfied!!!

You can say my "Hobbies" are pleasing everyone, getting guys off, and taking pics and videos for anyone!!

So, let me know what you guys think of my pics and videos! The good and the bad. I can handle constructive criticism, and I also encourage it!! Lol. I just want to be the best I can be, and I want to please everyone!! But mainly, I want to help you guys get off!!

Whatever gets you off, and makes you happy, sir!

Time to be a whore!!

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Name the movie
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Anyone close to Laughlin Nevada?

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Advise Needed!!
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Since I'm single and keep complaining so for my 19th birthday my friend said he's buying me a subscription to a PAID PORN SITE (OMG IKR) but I don't know what one to go for, I've done Helix before but didn't really cater for my kinky side so well, but I still love a twink :P so I need suggestions, it's 2 weeks till my birthday, please help mee!!!!! :) 

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Are any of you dear fellows coming to Carbondale for viewing the eclipse on Monday if so give me a holler me and a few of my friends are having a view the eclipse naked party and would love to host you if not don't forget to watch this incredible solar event and hopefully watch it with someone you love or at least like or at least lust after


Offering love and sloppy wet kisses to all Joey

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Resultado de imagen para

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peace bros
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MedalsMuscle roseMuscle boy in bed

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One-man-teamAustin the muscle kidKickboxer Champion

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Rosewater's Blog II
Added: 5 hrs ago / Views: 2434 Welcome to the second cumming of Rosewater's blog featuring erotic images, videos and commentary. Please, no hardcore stuff. I archived the entire body of the original blog at Amazon Prime Photos. I don't think you need a password. 
Page 1 --
Page 2 --
Enjoy, contribute and visit often ♂♂☺


malebodylines:<br />
“trim and lean and naked and totally hot<br />


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sport boys
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For mi its beer time friday and a whisky o scott can i have 1 of your burgers with chips

you all have nice weekend  lol and hugs rosco

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I feel the warmth
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and I want you all to feel the warmth of my heart back to you all


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One Of The Guys During My Freshman Year Of High School;
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Not him, but does have the same hairstyle;

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Friday Night Joke
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Little Johnny was sitting in class doing math problems when his teacher picked him to answer a question, "Johnny, if there were five birds sitting on a fence and you shot one with your gun, how many would be left?" "None," replied Johnny, "cause the rest would fly away." "Well, the answer is four," said the teacher, "but I like the way you're thinking." 

Little Johnny says, "I have a question for you. If there were three women eating ice cream cones in a shop, one was licking her cone, the second was biting her cone and the third was sucking her cone, which one is married?" 

"Well," said the teacher nervously, "I guess the one sucking the cone." 

"No," said Little Johnny, "the one with the wedding ring on her finger, but I like the way you're thinking."

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Favorite Barefoot Boys;
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Post your favorite barefoot guy pics here;


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Short film, "In a Heartbeat." --Okay, this made me cry
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Short film, "In a Heartbeat"    This is four minutes well-spent.

And here are some 60 year-old  folks reacting to the film.  They are surprisingly open minded, for their generation.


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what to do ?
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As I sit here looking down over the water park at all the hot guys in swim trunks I think about the hundreds of things about guys that realy get my sticker peckey. Since I live out in the country urrounded by woods , ski resorts, water parks and camp sites I am reminded of how a cute guy wearing camo clothes and a hunters ball cap ìs another one of my turn ons .  When I was 15 I went to oklahoma to spend the summer with relatives another thing that always caught my eye was a cute slim boy wth jeans cowboy boots and hat and a big shiny belt buckle, and hey if they talked with that southern accent that was it i would nut in my boxers without moving a finger. I have always been into photography and last month when I graduated high school took some nude pictures of my drunken buddies that realy turned me on , I was thinking of making that my hobby to photograph nude guys jst for the pleasure of watching them strip, get hard , and watch them jerk off and cum for me , I figure that would be a great way to see more str8 guys jack n nutt as well as make new friends. Who know it may be worth a try

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Today you Feel ........
Added: 20 hrs ago / Views: 68986 In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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I am 18 soon to be 19 i ha e often fantacised about older men like around 50 or 60 jerking me off or watching me jerk off myself,, i cant help but love those type of videos watching them totaly turns me on, i don't think my thoughts or feelings about this are wrong however some friends have told me I'm sick and need help. I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY AND ALL THOUGHTS THAT GROUP MEMBERS WOULD LI,E TO EXPRESS TO ME ABOUT THIS . THANK YOU.

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Haters Make Me Famous (read it)
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Okee i gonna tell you my Storie (It was this week)

I was busy on GBT last Tuesday and I was 7:00PM In the evening. I was done with work in the factory (I was a little bit tired.)
I Upload videos and doing my work as the same time with the other days.

Suddenly I received a message (unknown).
And that he wrote:

Person: Hello KennyTeenBoy or Failed Person what I'd rather say to you.
Me: euuhh hello. What did wrong to you?
Person: Yes anything and everything here on GBT. You are the worst member ever.. I Don't like your page and its disgusting.
and i gonna tell you this: You are the sickest person I what I know.
Me: I'm sorry do I know you?
Person: Yes... And i gonna kick your out on GBT.

Me: oke.. good luck?
Person: I'm not done with this.. I will take revenge on you. I Make a the best page you will every see.
Me: Good luck with this. But.. I Have friends who are behind me and always help me when I'm in trouble. Soo where are you friends than?
Person: I have much more friends and I become the populair member at all. And people on GBT must respect me.
Me: Respect must earn you... And I have no respect for you.
Person: HAHAHAHHAHA.. I DOnt care. Soon you will disappear here. Don't worry it will happen soon.

Me: Why do you hate me. I are reason for this?
Person: Yes.. So much.. You think you are the most populair person here on GBT
Me: eeuhh no.. I Dont wanna be the popularizes member here. I'm upload videos every day and thats is the reason that I on 1# on the community..
and.. why do you think becoming the most popular member here?
Person: I will see.. Goodbye and I hope you disappear quickly here.. Don't worry.. It  will happen soon.. Bye Sickest person what I know...

I Don't know what his name is (I was busy with other things).. Its probably a noob or very jealous on me..

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The great tragedy that happens in a friendship is the death of either friend.The memory of the dead will be very painful for the living one.Today I am in such a situation.The death of my dear friend Preston has left me with grief and memories of him.Some time back as I was posting on the walls of my friends I noticed the posts of Preston.And as he seemed to be a new member I visited his wall and posted a pic with a comment welcoming him to the GBT.I also gave him 5 stars.Preston also made a reply post and gave me too  5 stars.And there our friendship began.I regularly posted on his wall.And he posted back.He always added a comment of love like ‘Hello My Sweet Friend’ to his posts on my wall.I had sent an email appreciating his beautiful posts.He showed love and consideration to others.The pics he posted were beautiful and he had a good sense of humor which was evident in his witty comments added to the posts.After joining GBT he became dear to others within a short period of time.And it was proof of the quality of his character.He may not have posted on the walls of every GBT  member.Therefore many members didn’t know him.But he won the hearts of those members on whose walls he posted.That’s why he became dear to me.The assessment I made of him from our friendship is that he was a person with a good and loving heart.It was from his note on his wall that I knew about his accident.But the tone of his note indicated that he was on the path of recovery.But two days ago when I saw the note of Preston’s friend informing that he was in critical condition I realized that the hope of my beloved friend’s recovery was fading away. I prayed to God to give him longevity and health to bring him back to GBT so that he continues to be our dear friend and makes us happy with his posts.But the God decided otherwise.He called Preston back to his side.It’s said that God calls good people back to him very early.But the loss of such a good and lovable friend is unbearable.Nobody else can substitute him.I cried thinking of him.Our friendship was brief.But Preston created a long lasting impression on me with his love and affection.Death has snatched him away from me.But he will live in my heart as the dear and lovable friend.

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Sadness and most guilt I'v ever felt
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I'm back at SIU Carbondale after my trip this summer. Waiting for my best bud and roomie Conner to return.  I got an email from him and I just cant take, here is a part of it:

As you know my father is a Southern Baptist minister and I have been raised in the church. After being back on the farm this summer I began feeling the wrongness of my life on campus. It ate away at me more and more each day, I tried to find solace in the bible but I could not. I am at odds with my own body my christian soul and the devil you awakened in my loins. I finally spoke to my father regarding this, as a learned man and a man of God he has , through hours of silent contemplation, helped me to realize that I cannot remain true to the lord and return to that school of evil. You are an instrument of  Satan. Like the whore of Babylon you tempt those chosen of God and make them stray from the path of righteousness. I have decided to accept a missionary assignment in south America to help atone for my sins. 

The letter goes on and on about punishments his father made him endure to purge the demon of lust from him.  Why ? He is legal age and a grown man. Why allow himself to be treated like this. And Its my fault. I knew he was a virgin and curious. I knew he was horny. I opened the door and he jumped right in. Why didnt I mind my own business. I could have said no when he climbed into my bed at night to fuck me. I could have not set him up with a nice girl who gave him his first pussy for comparison. He enjoyed it all or so it thought.

ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Have I ruined his life?

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If you struggle with depression, you are not alone.  I find it helpful to collect pics and memes which resonate within me, upon viewing them:  Here are a few:

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