How Old Do You Like?
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Hi dude! How old do you prefer the most for teens?

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Two Alabama Polls And Two Predictions:
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 Does Roy Moore or Doug Jones have the edge going into Election Day? By now you should know Polls are crap and politically or ideologically slanted depending on why is conducting them. BUt its odd that FoxNews would try to undermine another Republican with Fake News Polls themselves while the other side tries to do the opposite. Strange bedfellow, but the Old Republicans are worried even more by this election and the challenges they will face in their own parties in the midterms than anything else. 


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Name The Movie
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Masterpiece Cakes
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The infamous 'Masterpiece Cakes' case goes to the Supreme Court shortly and I will be interested in the eventual ruling.

I have a lot of time for this guy Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakes, and his refusal to bake a cake for something he disagrees with; he should have the ability to refuse. I even donated $200 to his legal defence fund a while back.

The following article raises some valid points - 

1. "..the Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed that at the heart of the First Amendment lies the principle that each person should decide for himself the ideas and beliefs deserving of consideration, expression and adherence.."

2. "...once upon a time the American Civil Liberties Union cherished a reputation as champion of the First it serves as the enforcement arm of the ascendant orthodoxy, prosecuting those who dissent.." 

3. " a society marked by pluralism....a rule of liberty, rather than of strong-arming dissenters to violate their convictions, should prevail.."

I think the most important issue here is freedom and the whole gay marriage thing is merely a red herring to batter and browbeat anyone not signing up to a left wing agenda. The left wing gay activist assholes I refer to as "The Usual Suspects" are up to their usual crap creating Dickensian images of orphans being cast out into the snow on Christmas Eve, Widows going hungry, Blacks back on plantations, were the Court to rule against them hahahahaha! (always an indication they have a weak case, basically no argument against Masterpiece Cakes)

Fingers crossed the Supreme Court ignores the hysteria, rules in favor of Masterpiece and by doing so protects the rights of everybody else; I don't want to live in a society where self appointed busybodies "instruct" others what they will do, when they will do it, based on their own opinions - and the individual is ignored.

This case has nothing to do with gay marriage or "hate" (the usual hyperbolic word used by those with nothing to say), it has everything to do with freedom; god forbid we end up in a situation whereby the cops turn up, guns brandished, requiring a Jewish baker make a cake for some Nazis wanting to celebrate Hitler's birthday.

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What Is Your Main Sexual Fantasy ?
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Hey guys, hope you are all doing well for this weekend. I'll start with my sexual fantasy...

If you already know me, you are aware that i'm a big fan of older men, daddies as we call them. Here are my 2 fantasies with a daddy :

1 - I want to go outside with a daddy (restaurant, pub, cinema, whatever...) wearing a butt plug, and the daddy is the only one to know i'm wearing this butt plug. It can also be a vibrating plug, controlled by the daddy. The complicity with the daddy must be so exciting.


2 -  The other fantasy is more focused on sex. It's being a daddy's toy / slave during a whole weekend or week. Doing EVERY single thing he wants me to do, sexual or not. Wearing what he wants me to wear, clean his house, cook for him, go shoppig for him, and of course, satiate all his sexual desires. 

For now, i only did the first fantasy, but not in real. I was speaking with a daddy via text message (met him online), and he asked me to go to the gym, or running with my butt plug. That was really exciting, but it would have been funnier with him i'm sure...

So now, tell me, what are your fantasies ? :) I'll read all of them and we can discuss about it if you want ! Kiss

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Hey Please Get To Know Me
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Hey! I come from Thailand and yes i'm Thai, i'm just 17 years old actually, and that's me in the profile pic. LoL. I want to talk to everyone so text me [email protected]  all the time :)

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Need Some Advice
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Hey everyone! Im posting this latest "entry" seeking help from anyone whose a writer because Im trying to create my own Gay male porn story but for some reason i just haven't been able to finish writing it.

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Do You Like Creepypastas?
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Have you heard of them? 

They're like campfire stories but for the Internet. 

I like to listen to them on youtube, esp at night in the dark when the mood is much better for it, I find them quite thought provoking. I listen to all the different scary 'true' and fictional stories on youtube as much as I can.


Do you have have favourites? Or maybe willing to share some of your own? Or even just odd scary things you have experienced. .....

anyway, I really want to discuss this subject with others.



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Can anyone explain "how to post pics on walls"? I have been trying and can't figure ut out

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How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?
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Anyone want to be part of a GBT competition? Possible start of a new GBT Olympics? 

Hold your breath as long as you can, time it and put your best time on here.

I expect honesty.

And you can try as many times as you like

I've done it twice so far ,my best time is 1 minute and 1 second.

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First Time
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This is my first time blogging on this site so I guess it is an experiment for now but I will learn. Any advice would be great. I can say one thing all those narcissistic mean blog hating abusers can stick a dildo wrapped in barbed wire up their asses and twist it around!! Don't be bullies and haters on this site go play with other mean haters because we don't need you here!!! 

Was I clear enough?

Here is my first blog and it is short and easy,

I find my self more attracted to smaller cocks. DO NOT get me wrong I love all cocks but I find smaller ones much more enjoyable. Am I weird on this? You can ask me why if you want.

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Anonymous Emails At Gbt?
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Here is an interesting email I received from a blank no-name users. Seem's as if there might be some security issues plus the email was rather ominous.........

Read below...


As detailed from your previous account LorASTYRELL YOUR drives and IP's don't lie delete and destroy as you like. It's just not you but we hit up this page for 8 months so you are all over. We have all friends and emails from Tutanota and Mega. See you soon. Sleep well.

For the record I burned out on my previous account and deleted it becuase I needed a break......


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Historical Photographs - Feel Free To Post
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Building London Bridge

Image result for building the eiffel tower

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Today My Place
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brr chilli tc bros

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Mistress Pufta Is Now On Gbt.
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*Hiss!!* Behave Boys and Men or face my dungeon for a long torture session before I let you be released.


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Today You Feel ........
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In one, two or a few words describe how you are feeling today.......

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What Should I Do ?
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Hey guys, i often feel alone. What should I do when i feel alone ? Most of the time, i talk with random guys, or watch some videos, but i don't feel really happy about it...

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Just Being Silly....
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Send Me Your Hottest Stuff
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Hi dude! Love GBT. Send me your hottest stuff you like :-)

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For All To See
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I posted new pics sets! Enjoy!

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Decaprio Gay Movie
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Hey guys leanardo DeCaprio did a gay porn movie in 1995 by a swedish producer it's called Total Eclipse. It's the movie leo dont want you to see so after trying to get it banned it was decided by the court that it would be a special order film at all movie rental places. Leo plays a 16th century poet who travels to sweden to become a student of the most famouse poet of that time who is a bi sexual and married. He falls in love and has a sexual relationship with leo until the guys wife finds out and threatens to divorce him. In one scene leo is laying nude on his tummy while the other poet bangs the hell out of leo. Lots of full frontal nudity and leo is often nude and doing what most gay guys would do so check it out I am sure you will jerk off to it just as I did. Enjoy.

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So Whats The Problem
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I just turned 19 in November and I get alot of negative comments from some of my gay and str8 buddies cuz of what I do. Since I was 12 I would jerk off every night when mom went to bed and now that I am older I have realized that all those times I jerked off all I ever got was a few minutes of self gratification and that was it. For the past four years I would accept money from horny old men that wanted to watch me strip and jerk off while they watch. The first time I did it I was totaly nervouse and affraid my mom would find out but when I saw and realized how happy the old men where to watch and how their face would light up when I busted my nut in their hand I felt proud that I not only make them happy but I made some cash for my wallet. I don't feel that what I am doing is wrong at all and I love doing it so why do my boys give me so much crap about it. Am I wrong in what I am doing , do I need to see a shrink,  please guys give me your thoughts on this.

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I cant figure guys out weather they are str8, bi, or gay when I was in high school guys always bragged about how big and bad their dick is but they all went out of their way to make sure no one would see it in the boys room, or the locker room. Even now that I graduated last june guys I know are still affraid of another guy seeing their jewels. Maybe because they are affraid a guy with a bigger one will laugh at theirs who knows but when it comes to showing their jewels to a female they are not as shy, maybe thinking that girls don't see alot of cock and may say dang you are hung like a horse lol. Who knowsI just wish guys wouldn't be so shy to let me see it. I promise not to laugh.

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Favorite Barefoot Boys;
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Post your favorite barefoot guy pics here;


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Do You Think This Video Is Hot?
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Love the hands free cum and brother on brother...what do you think mom said the next morning?


Caught! by MoM

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Im Not In Love Is Up !
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Im not well - I made this from stuff I had - Hope U R better than me.

Have a Great Weekend - Love U guyz XXOXXXOOXXXX

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Sad Today
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i know it might not mean anything to anybody here today. i had to go to a memorial today for my grandmother who was 94 years old. i thought it would be a great celebration of life. when you lose someone who you have known all your life it is a different thing. i was fine until i saw all the pictures and heard the music. i have been  very teary eyed since then. i was unable to be with her when she passed away due to a danm sinus infection.. i was with my brother when he passed away . i feel like i failed my grandma who fed me when i was hungry and put a roof over my head when i was homeless. i didn't think it would be so hard to say good bye to someone who led such a full life. i think it is just the selfishness in me not wanting to let go. love you gramma d! no need for anyone to reply. just had to get that off my heart.


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Apparently, videos no longer delete the thumbnails from your page when the video its self no longer exists. So I begin the monumental task of dropping the "No playable source found" media. This is very time consuming because there is still that pesky thumbnail. Don't bother with the admins they won't do anything if you are having the same issue.


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Who Wants To Cum On Cam With Me
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let' cum to ather message me 

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