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I am Firelord23 really. Windows did an update and a I lost my password.I have looked and looked but to no avail. I use the 'lost your password' thingy on GBT but it never sends an emal to me! Any suggestions?

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The Controversy Behind Cochlear Implants
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YOu still see people using sigh language for public announcements and this got me thinking about why since we have cured most hearing issues. Many are mad about losing deaf culture "Deaf culture is the set of social beliefs, behaviors, art, literary traditions, history, values, and shared institutions of communities that are influenced by deafness and which use sign languages as the main means of communication." 


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Is Death Better Than Being Gay?
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Sure things have gotten better for the LGBT community, but it still seams like death would be better than living on a Earth filled with hate. What are your thoughts? 

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Naked Army
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Is there a lot of nakedness in the army in your country? Soldiers sleep naked? They take a shower together? Do they help each other with sex? (eg. masturbation, jackoff)?
Someone has some kind of perverse memory of the army?
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Peace Bros
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peace bros 

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Gbt Is Censoring "conservative" Comments And Only Allowing Anti-trump Blogs !
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Freedom of Speech does not exist here at GBT .... does nobody care ?

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Where Is The Gbt Chat?
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There was a topic on it and now its gone.

When will chat be up and running again?

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A Superb Weekend Followed By An Unique Week For Everybody ! Please Be Coooooooooooooooooool And Always Lovable And Super Kind ! Love Your Boys !
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Whats Your Fetish ??
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Write one fetish. your main one !
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You Had Sex Where?
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What's the strangest, weirdest and/or the most kinky place you have had sex?
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Cuban Missile Crisis
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Not a political statement or comment on any administration, past or present, just a bit of history recall for those of us vintage enough to remember.  The Cuban missile crisis started on this date in 1962.  Scary times!

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🎨 Artist Looking For Writers 📖
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🖤 Shota-Bo here! 🖤


I'm currently looking for a few writers to start a writers-ring! ^ᴥ^ It doesn't matter if you write erotica (straight, gay, or bi), young adult fantasy, sci-fi, etc! I am looking for any and all genres!


I am an artist and amateur author looking to start a close group of creative people who write to create illustrated books, comics, and more! I will be providing cover art and in-book illustrations for FREE for those who join my team. This isn't for profit, just a passion. But profits could be made a priority if that's what's important to you or the group. I've been thinking about this for the past couple months (as well as researching) and am now ready to build a small team of friends. Stories can be done all your own or a team collaboration if you prefer. Either way I'll provide the art for free ~ ♫


🕵️ Privacy is not an issue either if you'd like to join and help anonymously.


If you're interested or know someone who might be (or have any questions) please contact me any way below:


Skype: shota-bo

Discord: shota-bo #3082 (best way to get a hold of me)

E-mail: [email protected]

or send me a private message here!


💙 I'm looking to start immediately! So don't be shy! ^‿^  💙 


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I Want To Know
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i had a best close buddy on chatstep is that site gone?

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New Boy In Town
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Just signed up hmu looking too chat

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Name The Movie
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Since We Like To Have Political Banter On Here.. I Want To Ask The Question.. Why Do The Champions Of Civil Rights (democrats) Want More Muslims In America?
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The answer to this question is, to me, quite honestly the defining difference between what a Republican and a Democrat is.  Republicans have always been the party of freedom.  Republicans, and their President Abe Lincoln ended slavery in America, they supported civil rights, but they opposed governments step too far which was Affirmative Action, the Democrats answer to "fixing" bigotry in the work place.  The Democrats like to make you believe that they are the answer to your problems.  Their government can make it all better, most likely by restricting your freedoms.  The GOP is wrong on gay marriage, that I can't argue.  But they are also the Party that wants to limit the spread of growth of a Religion that will make being gay in this country far more difficult then it is today.  I find it fascinating, and frankly impossible to reconcile how Democrats believe they are the party that defends people's civil rights, when they support opening our doors to a mass influx of Muslims into this nation.  While I'm sure there are some perfectly nice Muslims around the world.  The fact remains that one of their stalwart nations just now in the last few weeks, finally have given the right to drive to ... gasp.. women.  And it's cause a massive uprising.  Is this really what America wants?  The Democrats who would want you to believe (and it's bullshit) that they are defending your freedoms, want people to flood into this country who want nothing more then to take your rights to be gay, or women's rights to vote, or walk in front of their husbands.. away from you?  Because that is precisely the process.  This isn't a crowd of people whose minds you are going to change.  It is deep rooted in their religious philosophy.  Nations that stone wives who are caught cheating on their husbands.  Women who can't show their face in public.... do I need to go on?  How about being gay in predominantly Muslim society?  Do you want to get into that?  Muslims beliefs are not aligned in any way with American values.  They just aren't.  And the biggest danger, is of Muslims spreading within.  It's not even so much that they come in, it's that they reproduce at a pace much faster then Christan/Jewish/Agnostic American's are.  No.. it's all bullshit.  The Republican Party is actually the party that is trying to protect your freedom. 

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Rosewater's Blog Ii
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Welcome to the second cumming of Rosewater's blog featuring erotic images, videos and commentary. Please, no hardcore stuff. I archived the entire body of the original blog at Amazon Prime Photos. I don't think you need a password. 
Page 1 --
Page 2 --
Enjoy, contribute and visit often ♂♂☺


malebodylines:<br />
“trim and lean and naked and totally hot<br />


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Is Chat Ever Coming Back On This Site?
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Is chat ever coming back on this site?

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Looking For This Video
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I remember the used to be a video of a guy, whom I believe might be Kevin Warhol, being cummed in all over his face by at least 3 guys and then he'd say something like 'Who's gonna kiss me now?' and then giggled. He'd be laying down and the guys were standing up around his face.

Please help me find it :c

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Foto 26
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Ben And Me At University Chapter Two
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So Ben left me, and I spent a happy hour wanking and recalling our conversation, the kisses, feeling his cock and the love in his eyes, I showered and dressed in my best clothes,

I was about to meet the 'Gang' as Ben called it, I called it Team Ben, and they sounded formidable,

I walked down to the mess hall, many people I passed said 'Hi Ben!' and I smiled, it seemed we were more alike than I could imagine,

I scanned the canteen and I could see Ben surrounded by eager faces, he saw me, 'Rory, over here,' he shouted above the noisy Canteen, and that sea of faces turned to me in unison, and as I got closer to them they all gasped,

'Look,' Ben said showing me off, 'didn't I tell you, here is my gay twin brother' and he grinned at me, he ran towards me and hugged me and kissed me, much to the surprise of 'the 'Gang' I slapped his shoulder for telling them I was gay, he whispered, 'You might get some offers you never know.'

I was introduced to each one it turns,

Danny, the Cool Essex Skater boy with bright emerald green eyes, working class but a genius with computers,

Bobby, not the one I had befriended the past week, but a stunning black haired boy with bright hazel eyes,

Gary, a stunningly handsome boy with white blond hair from Edinburgh, Tyler, I had already met, Cathy bubbly and cute and a few others, including a  bevvy of lovely girls.

They were astonished, he finished with Sammy, his current girlfriend,

Beautiful, a tall blond, with flawless skin and a dazzling smile,

'He never told us,' she said smiling up at me, 'Told you what?' I asked just slightly bemused, 'that he had a gay twin hidden away,'

I didn't know what to say, I was slightly annoyed he had 'outed' me without asking me first.

I looked at Ben and he winked at me,

' Well, I said he always been ashamed of my sexuality so he never introduces me to his friends.'

I thought I would get back at him for telling them all I was gay.

They all turned to Ben with disapproving eyes, he turned to me grinning, getting the joke.

'But he is Ok with me now we slept together naked in the same bed last night wrapped around each other all night long'

Ben blushed, I laughed but the blush wasn't lost on Sammy.

'Seriously though,'Ben doesn't want to share the limelight.' and Ben burst out laughing and explained to them that I wasn't his twin brother just a very good friend who uncannily looked very much like him.

They stood there with their mouths open, looking from Ben to me, they still thought he was kidding, so I took out my wallet and showed them a photo of my large family, and they were convinced,

Sammy piped up, 'So you didn't sleep together last night, we truthfully said we didn't, she didn't look convinced, 'But I just saw Ben kiss you,'

'Well you know Ben best Sammy he makes friends easily.'

She smiled, 'Quite, but I have never seen him kiss a boy before!'

'And if you met your 'twin' Sammy how would you behave towards her?

The gang laughed and Samantha got the message and shut up, Danny made an interesting observation.

'I would be fucking my twin twice a day!' Everyone, including me, stared at him until he blushed.

'Just an observation that's all, and we all laughed. Ben piped up. 'Rory's free.' which had him blushing even more and he smiled at me shyly, I winked at him. before me, he was Ben's best friend.

But from that time on, I was the one Ben was closest to, even if Sammy was there, he walked alongside me with his arm around my shoulder, or if we walked in public, holding my hand,

It was all very surreal but I loved the attention from Ben and as the months passed, I, and many others, realized that I was madly in love with him.

Ben was oblivious to my state of mind, and after three months of being constantly in his company, I had a sort of breakdown, nothing serious but I could cry at a drop of a hat, and that wasn't like me,

I decided to cool it with Ben and the Gang, just see them once every two days, and the very first day I didn't show up, Ben turned up at my dorm and knocked.

'Rory, are you alright?' I opened the door, he looked very concerned, he walked forward and hugged me, he could see I had been weeping,

'What's' happened?' he looked really worried, I told him I was a little run down, and that I would be OK when I had some sleep, he undressed including my boxers, helped me to bed and held my hand,

I told him to go to his friends, but he wouldn't hear of it and said something, which I was often confused about, 'What! leave my brother.' he said shaking his head, it was if he really believed it.

He stripped naked and got in bed with me, wrapped himself completely around me and ran his fingers through my hair and kissed me,

I didn't bother moving his leg from my hardon, if he hadn't got the message by now he never would.

I awoke in the morning and he was gone, but I could spell his presence on my sheets.

I remembered sometime during the night, him lying on me with his head on my shoulder fast asleep, what had woken me was a very large rock hard  'presence' pressed against my thigh.

Another week passed and I had to do something, so I told the gang I was going home for a week to see my family,

'I will come with you,' Ben piped up, 'I would really like to meet them,' I, couldn't win,

Ben was all excited to have a week alone with me, Sammy less so. I rang my parents telling them about Ben and that we were coming up for a week, they were looking forward to meeting him.

I just worried how this would work out, seeing Ben a couple of times a day was agony form me, how would 24/7 hold up?

We drove to my parent's estate in Ben's Alfa and Ben said, '

I have just realized that my Father knows your Father, and I said

'How so,' and he said 'isn't he the Procurator Fiscal for his Burroughs?' and I said yes he is,

'So is my Father for ours,' and it was true I found out from my own Father, it was another freaky coincidence.

Anyway we arrived and my parents were taken aback by our resemblance, the week went perfectly,

Just having Ben, to myself was a tonic, and we roamed the estate talking to the people who lived on it including, Jon and Jamie, my childhood lovers, they jumped into my arms and hugged and kissed me, much to Ben's amusement,

'You're, not the only one who loves me, Ben',

Did I see a hint of jealousy in his eyes? he sort of strode off with me running after him like a fool.

They too were all bemused by this 19-year-old boy who mirrored my own image,

Ben and I spent twenty-four hours together, even sleeping in the same room, my parent's had offered him Richards room next to mine, Ben, with his usual candour said.

'It's okay I will sleep with Rory, we sleep together at University!'

To say my parents were surprised is putting it mildly.

It was like a sort of honeymoon without the sex, but he showered with me, as he did with his own brothers, and happily soaped my back and bum ignoring my hard-on in front,

He was natural as anyone could be, so natural that I had to ask him not to wash my hard dick or I might cum while he did it, which made him giggle

'Carry on, I don't mind!' is all he said, and I would tease him,

'How about giving me a blowjob while your down there and I could come in your mouth, it's what a twin would do.' and he would blush and smack my bottom, but nothing fazed him.

One night about mid-week, I had popped into the bathroom, I just had to have a wank,

The sight of Ben was lying face down naked on my double bed Skyping Samantha, was too much for me.

she was suggesting a little mutual masturbation Skype time and he had said,

'I don't think Rory would be too impressed!' and she said,

'Tell him to go to his bedroom, Ben had replied,

This his bedroom, and his bed,' Sammy said, 'well go to yours, honest Ben had said,

'We're sharing a room and bed. and Sammy had sworn and logged off just as I came back in.

Ben was trying to get her back, I just jumped on top of his back placed my still spunky cock between his buttocks and humped him quite hard,

He obviously felt my hard cock sliding between his bum cheeks but just giggled.

I whispered in his ear,

'I can show you a good time big boy' and he had giggled again, reached around and kissed me, I apologised for leaving a trace of my spunk between his, legs, he wasn't fazed at all,

'Do you want to lick it off?' he asked me,

I jumped on him, pried his sweet bum cheeks apart with my hands an started to rim him, he was really shocked,

Not like you would think, that I was rimming him, very forcibly too, you know, getting my tongue deep into him,

No, he was shocked only because it had never happened to him before, and was a matter of fact about it.

It still didn't stop him kissing me as soon as I gave up and got off.

I also had to ask him not to kiss me in front of the family, I was getting some questioning looks.

My Ben is that natural a boy, he loved me and besides shagging me, anything went, he loved me that much, which was fucking frustrating as hell for me, especially as I had never actually seen him with a hard-on.

I asked him did he ever masturbate, he looked at me puzzled and said,

'No, I have Sammy,' as an explanation,

I just gave up and stopped trying to catch him at it, so all the time we shared a room and bed that week, I must have cum three or four times a day, him, none.

My parents adored him and when we left for Uni the following Sunday, everybody hugged everyone else and Ben became a member of my family which he still is to this day, this is only two years ago.

Now today, Ben doesn't even tell my parents when he is coming up he just turns up like my own siblings and is fully accepted as if he was born my brother, especially as we dress almost identically.

'It's really odd to see my older brothers and sisters talking to him, and say do you remember so and so, he asked for you yesterday, and Ben looked completely confused because they were referring to one of my childhood friends, it's all a bit baffling.

Another month passed and I spoke with Ben and lied that my grades were slipping and that I had to concentrate more on my studies, and that I could only see him, and the gang about three times a week, and he looked really hurt,

'I love you, don't you love me anymore?' he, asked and I could see he was really very upset,

I reached to him and kissed him, on the lips in front of everybody, Sammy was less than impressed,'

Of course Ben, How could you be in any doubt about that?' I looked at him very tenderly,

'My Brother from another Mother! and he reluctantly agreed to the temporary arrangement, but I knew this couldn't go on, my heart was breaking, but I was at a loss what to do, the three times a week turned into twice a week and then once a week, I was being incredibly selfish.

I would catch Ben looking for me in the Canteen, he seemed very sad but not as sad as me,

Many times he knocked the door, but I slept in Bobby's dorm, on the floor next to his bed, he was really concerned and would reach down and hold my hand.

Then one evening  there was a knock on my door, I opened it expecting to see Ben, but no, it was Sammy, she smiled at me,

'May I come in?' I moved aside, She strode in, the waft of expensive perfume filled the room,

'I have come to talk about Ben', I was very suddenly awake,

'Has something happened to him.?' I asked anxiously,

'Sit down,' she said and I obeyed,' I know what's going on with you and Ben,' she said looking at me quite earnestly, I was startled,

'There is nothing going on between Ben and me how could you think such a thing?

' 'I don't mean sexually you arse,' she said to me, slightly angrier,

'What then?' I asked her,

'You are in love with Ben, and he is not aware of it so he thinks you don't care for him anymore, and he is depressed as hell, he's not eating properly, he hardly leaves his dorm, we are all very worried about him and it's all your fault and you're being very selfish!'

I just looked at her and burst into tears, because she was right, I had no idea how my absence would affect Ben.

Suddenly Ben strode in, he had seen Sammy come to my room and followed her,

'What have you done to him!' he cried out, he seemed very upset with her, and came to me and held me.

'I haven't done anything to him, except tell him the truth' she shouted,

'Don't you realise he is in love with you!'

'Why do you think he is avoiding you, sometimes Ben you act like an idiot!'

I just couldn't take anymore,

'Get out,!' I cried pushing them both to the door, Ben looked visibly shaken,

'Rory.?' he pleaded, I shut the door and locked it. collapsed on my bed, and cried my eyes out,

I had ruined everything because of my love for Ben, ten minutes later there was a soft knocking on my door, I dried my eyes and opened it slightly, a very worried Ben stood there.

'May I come in Rory?' I opened the door, ashamed at my appearance, I just wore my boxers, Ben picked me up and carried me to the bed.

He kissed me very tenderly, 'Why didn't you tell me?' Did I have to find out from Sammy.?'

I turned on him. 'Ben, are you that stupid that you can't see I am madly in love with you? and you don't help by kissing me all the time or being nice to me like now.!'

Ben looked really hurt, 'If I give up Sammy would that make you happy?' I just looked at him, 'But you love her Ben, why would you do that?'

Ben smiled. 'I do love her but she is just a girl, your far more important, I could never love her as much as I love you.' and he kissed me.

I pushed him away, 'Ben stop fucking kissing me, don't you understand it makes me worse, I want you to make love to me, but your straight, this could never work, can't you see that.?'

Please leave me alone!', I urged him to leave, he was devastated, pleading with me even as I closed the door.

Then fate intervened, about an hour later, there was an urgent knock on my door, 'Go away,' i shouted, and a voice I recognized instantly said, 'Lord Rory!' it was Hamish, my fathers Factotum, I wiped my face and opened the door,

My brother Richard, the nearest of my brothers in age to me, although ten years older, had fallen off his horse, and was in a coma in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, I left everything, my wallet, my laptop I just grabbed some clothes in a bag and left.

Hamish drove me, in my fathers Bently to be with my parents and siblings, at my brother's bedside.

We were there for four days, and my brother came out of his coma but was still serious, but my parents told me to go back to University and they would keep me informed, I returned to a firestorm.




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Donald Trump To Speak At Hate Group Summit
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President Donald Trump will become the first sitting US President to address social conservative activists and elected officials at the Value Voters Summit on Friday at their annual summit. This group has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre, and is anti LGBT. Trump has previously addressed the Family Research Council which is hosting this event and also lobbies against equal rights for LGBT persons, including same sex marriage and civil unions and LGBT adoptions.  Remember those "LGBT for Trump" signs---OOPS!!

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Hi I'm new here. I'm not sure whether there is much people on here?. Anyway just wanted to say hey

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It's Over!
Jericho Blog Added 13 hrs ago 33 views 1 comments Post Comment

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Skater Saga - Part 2 – Gabe
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Skater Saga - Part 2 – Gabe

I've always been a light sleeper. So, the sound of the bathroom door closing when Gabe went to the bathroom the next morning was enough to wake me up, even over the sound of the music we left playing in the background all night. Fuck, I thought. I'd been hoping Matt would be the first one to wake up. No such luck.

So, I lay there, watching the door, trying to think of some way to do what Matt had ordered me to do without freaking Gabe out. I was still brainstorming when I heard the toilet flush, then the door opened and Gabe walked out. He headed straight back to the futon. It was still dark out, so I thought he was going back to bed. When he bent over and and fished his pot and bowl out of his jeans, I knew I was going to have to tell him.

He packed the bowl and lit it, taking a long drag before he looked up, glancing around the dimly-lit room at all of us. When his eyes met mine, he looked confused. Blowing out his toke, he asked, “What the hell's in your mouth?” in a low voice.

I sat up, then got out of my sleeping bag, grabbed my cigarettes, and walked over to him, sitting down on the floor beside the futon. I reached up and pulled Matt's socks out of my mouth, then pulled out a smoke and lit it. I took a drag and exhaled, while Gabe watched me quizzically. I was stalling. No time left.

Taking another drag, I looked up at him, straight into his eyes. I blew out my smoke, then said, “Matt's socks,” watching him carefully for his reaction.

He just looked confused as he responded, “Did you lose a bet or something?”

“Pass me the bowl,” I replied, “and I'll explain.”

Gabe took another hit, then passed me the bowl. I took a couple of long tokes, holding them in, before I passed the bowl back and started telling him the story. We passed the bowl back and forth while I told him everything that had happened last night. Gabe was in the middle of packing a fresh bowl when I finished the story. He hadn't said a single word the whole time.

He took a hit off the fresh bowl, then asked, “He pissed in your mouth?” I nodded, feeling pleasantly high and a little detached. “And you drank it?”, he continued, offering me the bowl.

“Yeah,” I responded before taking my own hit and passing the bowl back to him.

Gabe took the bowl and held it, meeting my eyes and holding my gaze. “So, basically, you were molesting him in his sleep, then you sucked him off, then he took you into the bathroom and held your head while he took a piss in your mouth and you drank it.”

I nodded in agreement

“Then he gagged you with his socks and ordered you to tell us what happened if we asked before he woke up and took his socks out of your mouth.”

Again, I nodded. 'That's what happened.”

“That's crazy,” Gabe said. He took another hit. “Why were you licking his socks in the first place?”

I lit a cigarette, then told him about my friend Chris and his older brother BJ. How Chris had started messing around with me when we were 9, then told me that he'd been sucking off his 14 year old brother for over a year. BJ had joined in the next time I spent the night at Chris's house. He'd worn white Nike crew socks and white Hanes briefs and had us licking his socks and briefs in between giving him blow-jobs while we watched porn on the Internet. Eventually, he'd had me licking his socks while he fucked his little brother up the ass. That became our normal pattern every time I spent the night at their house. Even when Chris stayed over at my place, he'd always start off by having me lick his socks, or by licking mine.

Gabe listened quietly while I told him the story. When I finished, he handed me a fresh bowl. I took the bowl and hit it, even though I already high as a kite. I blew out the smoke, handing the bowl back.

Gabe took it, asking, “So you like licking guys socks and underwear now?”

“Yeah, as long as they're white, and clean,” I answered.

He shook his head. “Man, that is so weird.” Then he looked at me and asked, “So, have you messed with any of us other than Matt?”

I swallowed nervously and nodded.

“Who else?” He asked.

“All of you,” I answered.

“Me too?”, he asked.

I nodded.

Then he asked, “What have you done to me?”

“Well, you're kind-of a deep sleeper, so I've licked your socks every time you've worn a new pair of white Vans or Nike's. Plus, I've rubbed your dick through your briefs until you got hard. Once, I licked you through your briefs, but that almost woke you up.” I lit up another cigarette as I confessed.

“Is that all?”, he asked, a little sarcastically.

“No. I've also rubbed my dick against your socks until I came on them. Then I licked my cum off. That's all.”

“Fucking pervert!” He said, grinning a bit and shoving my shoulder. “So, I guess that means you have the hots for me.”

I grin back. “Yup,” I answered.

“And I guess you want to lick my socks?”

“If you have any newer ones with you.”

“Hand me my backpack.”

I hand him his pack. He unzips it and searches around inside. He pulls out a plastic bullet filled with white powder and a clean pair of socks. He turns the bullet upside down, filling the chamber, before bringing it up to his nose and inhaling. Then he holds it out to me.

“Want some coke?”, he asks.

“Sure,” I say, and grab the bullet. I fill the chamber and take a snort. The coke rushes straight to my head. “Wow, thanks man.”

“No problem,” Gabe says, taking the bottle and refilling the chamber. He takes another hit, then passes it back to me before getting up and grabbing us fresh bottles of water out of Ian's mini-fridge.

He sits back down and puts the bullet away after I take my hit. Then he holds out the new pair of socks to me. They're a bright, white pair of Adidas ankle socks.

“You like these better?”

“Yeah,” I answer. Then I ask, “Can I put them on you?”

He leans back on his elbows and says, “Go for it.”

I peel his old Vans off and slip the Adidas socks onto his feet. I start rubbing my hands along the soft fabric, massaging and caressing the soles of his feet and his toes. My heart is starting to beat faster from the excitement.

I look up at him, meeting his eyes and ask, “Can I?”

He smirks back, saying, “You never asked before!”

I grin at him, then I pull both of his feet to the end of the futon. I lean forward, keeping my eyes on his face, stick out my tongue and begin licking the bottoms of his socks. I run my tongue across the soft, white, cotton in long, broad swipes from cotton-covered heel to cotton-covered toe.

Gabe watches me, a slight grin on his face, occasionally rubbing his hand over the crotch of his sweat pants. I break eye contact and get onto my knees, grasping his right foot in my hands. I lower my head and begin licking his cotton-covered toes with my tongue. I lick the soft, white cotton for several minutes before lowering my head further, sliding my mouth down over his toes, sucking lightly on his bright, white Adidas socks.

I lick and suck his socked toes, slowly bobbing my head up and down as if I were giving him a blowjob. I close my eyes focusing on the texture and feel of the soft, white cotton under my tongue. I switch to his other foot, swiftly sinking his socked toes into my mouth.

My incredibly hard cock is throbbing inside my too tight briefs. I take my hands off Gabe's socks, and reach one hand down to squeeze my aching member through the fabric of my briefs and boxer-briefs. I run my other hand slowly up Gabe's leg, sliding into the leg opening of his sweat pants and up to his knee.

Releasing his socked foot from my mouth, I raise my head and look up at him. I bring my hands back to his feet, massaging the soft, now slightly damp, white cotton. Gabe smiles, then lifts one foot and rubs it down the side of my face. I leaned into his socked caress, enjoying the feeling of the soft, white, cotton sliding across my face. Gabe pushes his socked toes into my mouth and I suck on them softly while staring into his blue eyes.

He keeps his leg there for a moment, wiggling his socked toes as I lick and suck them. Then he pulls his foot away, bending his leg and and bringing his foot up beside the knee of his out-stretched leg. Gabe sits up a bit, adjusting his now obvious hard-on in his sweat pants before reaching over and grabbing the cocaine bullet. He fills up the chamber, snorts it, and then holds it out to me.

I get up and take the bullet from Gabe and grabbing my smokes and water off the side table. I sit down on the edge of the futon, drain the rest of my water and then take a snort of the coke. I hand the bullet back to him, then I lean back on one elbow, sort of laying down at his feet. I adjust my throbbing dick, trying to find a more comfortable position inside my briefs. I light a cigarette and take a drag. Meanwhile, Gabe puts the bullet back on the table, then lights a cigarette of his own.

We smoke in silence for a minute, letting the coke hit us. Gabe slips his hand inside his sweats and starts slowly stroking his cock. I watch him until I can't stand it anymore, then I sit up and grab Gabe's left leg by the ankle, pulling it into my lap. Gabe glances over at me briefly then goes back to staring at his crotch, watching the slow rise and fall of his sweat pant fabric as he slowly strokes his dick.

I press the sole of his socked foot against my hard cock, rubbing the top of his sock with one hand while using the other to smoke. We both finish our cigarettes. Gabe reaches out for his water, then realizes that it's empty.

“You want me to get you another bottle?”, I ask.


I get up and grab two more bottles out of the mini-fridge. I hand one to Gabe, and open mine. I sit back down on the futon between Gabe's legs. I drink some of my water, then close the bottle and drop it onto the carpet. I rub my hands along his legs before turning to look at Gabe.

“So,” I asked in a quiet, nervous, voice, “Can I blow you?”

“Go for it,” he says, glancing down at his crotch.

I grab the waistband of his sweats and pull them down, revealing his long, thin cock poking out through the fly of his light blue boxer shorts. Once his sweats were all the way off, I got on my knees between his legs, then bent over, taking the head of his cock into my mouth.

I ran my tongue slowly around his head, suckling softly before taking the rest of his shaft into my mouth. I slid my tongue down his slender, teenage shaft, sucking and licking until I reached the base. Then I held him there, completely engulfed, while rubbing my hands up his sides and across his chest. I sucked on his cock like a kid sucking on his thumb, not really bobbing my head, just laying there, my forehead resting on his abs. As I sucked, I kept rolling my tongue around his shaft and head, savoring the taste of his slender dick.

Eventually, after enjoying the slow suck for a while, I felt Gabe's hands come to rest on the back of my head. He held me there while he began thrusting up into my mouth. He went slowly at first, but quickly increased his pace as he got closer to cumming. I tried to keep running my tongue around his cock, but couldn't keep up with his pace. So I just pushed up against the underside of his dick, making my mouth as tight a hole as possible for him to fuck.

“Fuck, I'm getting close”, Gabe said. Then he pushed down on my head, hard, driving his cock deep into my mouth, the head sliding into my throat. At the same time, he rolled over, forcing me onto my back, trapping my head against the futon mattress.

I tried to cough, gagging a little, and pushed up against his hips. Gabe let go of my head, and I pulled back as far as I could. I was gasping for air as he grabbed my wrists with his hands and pinned them above my head. I managed to get a good, deep, breath before Gabe pushed forward with his hips, driving his cock down my throat again. I gagged, but couldn't move, so I held my breath as best I could while my friend fucked my throat with his teenage dick.

I tried to time my breaths with his thrusts, but couldn't seem to get enough air. Gabe was thrusting into my mouth so hard and fast that my lips were getting bruised. On top of that, his grip on my wrists was hard enough to be painful. He battered my face for a few minutes that seemed like hours before pushing in with one last, powerful thrust.

“Swallow it, bitch!”, he nearly shouted as his cum erupted into my mouth. It was super thick, way thicker than any cum I'd ever eaten before. It immediately filled up my throat, making me cough so hard that it shot out of my nose. Gabe didn't seem to care that I was choking on his sperm. He kept his hips pressed firmly against my face as his cock shot volley after volley of cum into my mouth.

Just as I thought I was going to pass out, he pulled away, rolling onto his back. I sat up coughing, finally clearing my throat enough to breathe. I was still swallowing his cum when he reached out and grabbed my head, pulling it towards his waist.

“Lick the rest up,” he commanded, as he pushed my face onto his cock.

So, I opened my mouth and bathed his cock and balls with my tongue. I stroked his cock as I cleaned him, milking out the last of his load with my hand. I licked up the rest of his load, then fell backwards, laying beside him on the futon.

“Did you like it?”, I asked.

“What do you think?”, he answered, turning to look at me and grinning. I grinned back.

“I sure liked it.”

We both turned to look as Matt stood up, jerking his cock.

“Get over here, I'm about to cum.”

I quickly got into position on my knees with my mouth open in front of my 13 year old friend. He grabbed my head and pushed the his dick into my mouth. Matt really was close, he only pumped his hips a couple of times before I got my second load of cum for the morning. His cum was nowhere near as thick as Gabe's, so I had no problem swallowing down everything he had to offer.

“Uhhhh...”, Matt groaned as I swallowed his load. He used one hand to milk the last of his cum onto my tongue, then pulled away. He lightly slapped me on the side on the head, then said, “Get in the bathroom now, I need to piss.”

I got up and hurried into the bathroom, As I went, I heard Gabe ask, “You going to piss in his mouth?”

“Yeah”, Matt replied. “You gonna watch?”

“Fuck that, I need to piss, too.”

“C'mon , then.”

Matt and Gabe both follow me into the bathroom. Matt goes first, stepping up close to me. His dick was still sticking out of his briefs.

“Open your mouth”, he orders.


I do, and he places the tip of his dick on my tongue. I close my mouth around his cock-head as he grabs hold of my head. He lets out a sigh as warm, salty liquid begins to flow into my mouth.

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Skater Saga - Part 1 - Matt
Rogerrogerroger Blog Added 16 hrs ago 60 views 3 comments Post Comment

Skater Saga - Part 1 - Matt

I've been friends with Clarion for a few years now. We met in high school when he moved to Virginia from California. I was in the skater/slacker clique at my school. Our group would always meet up downtown after school let out and and go over to the local college campus. We'd spend a few hours skating around, then we'd smoke some pot in the park, and finally end up at some one's house listening to music until we had to go home. I was smoking out with my friend Gabe the day that Ian brought Clarion into our group. He was a really decent skater, so he fit right in.

I fell in lust at first sight. He was 5' 8", with dark black hair, blue eyes, and lean build. A picture-perfect "black-Irish" twink, complete with the requisite smattering of freckles across his perfect white skin. He even had a perfect wardrobe - tight t-shirt, baggy jeans, Van's skate shoes, and white Nike ankle socks. He always wore his jeans loose, so the first few inches of his Hanes boxer-briefs would always show when he skated. He became an instant fixture of my teenage jerk-off fantasies.

I'd been sucking off most of the guys in our group for a while. It started with Matt, a brown-haired, blue-eyed boy a couple of years younger than me.

It happened on a Friday night a couple summers ago. Five of us, Matt, Ian, Gabe, Jason, and I, had gotten together to watch movies and play video games. We'd also been drinking and smoking pot all evening. We were in the basement of Ian's house, one of our usual hang-out spots.

Ian's mom was single and worked a lot, so she'd had the basement converted into a living space. She said it was so she wouldn't disturb him when she came home late from work. Ian said it was so she could have men over without him bothering them. Not that he cared, the basement was really cool. He had his own entrance, a mini-fridge, a big screen TV, video games, his own bathroom, and a twin-sized futon. His queen-sized bed was pushed over into a corner of the large room. His mom never came down when he had company, so we partied there a lot of the weekends.

That particular night, after a quarter ounce of weed, almost a fifth of vodka, and God knows how many cigarettes, we were all pretty well wasted. It was well after midnight, and everyone started to crash out. As usual, we played a hand of poker to divvy up the sleeping arrangements. Two guys would sleep on the bed, one on the futon, and the last two got sleeping bags and the floor.

Gabe came in first and picked the futon. Next were Ian and Jason, of course they took the bed. That left Matt and I with the sleeping bags. Sleeping arrangements settled, everyone got ready for bed.

This was always one of my favorite parts of the evening. My four closest buds were all really cute (so was I), and I really enjoyed seeing them in various states of undress. I'd know I was gay since a friend of mine (and his older brother) taught me all about sucking cock and ass-fucking when we were way younger. His family moved away a few years ago, and I hadn't really gotten the chance to act on my feelings since. I mean, I always figured the guys would be okay with it, if they knew, I was just afraid that maybe they wouldn't be, you know? Anyway, back to my buddies.

First, there's Jason. He's kind of short, but he has a beautiful face, and perfect skin. His close-cropped blonde hair and bright blue eyes framed by long, dark lashes, superbly compliment his features. His body is well-muscled and fit from all the skating he does. He's the cutest one in our group, barely.

Ian was taller, and a little better built. He had dirty-blonde hair, close-cropped around the sides and long on top, kind of a punk hair style. His eyes were blue too, a really light color, almost gray. Ian has a permanent tan, brilliant white teeth, and a "fuck it" attitude that I find irresistible.

Next is Matt. At 13, he's the youngest guy in our group. He has wavy, shoulder-length brown hair, dark blue eyes that always seem bright, and a killer smile. Even though he's younger than the rest of us, he's taller than we are, and thin, with a tight muscle tone. He's intense, sometimes bossy, smart and funny. He's always great to hang with.

Last, there's Gabe. Gabe's skinny, with long blonde hair, and blue eyes. He has a really cute face, all planes and angles. His wire-frame glasses give him a bookish air. He's smart and quiet. He always seems to know how to get stuff done. Hell, he usually gets our booze and drugs for us. He's an all around great guy.

The guys all ditched their shirts as they headed for bed. I stood over by the door, smoking a cigarette and trying not to be too obvious about staring. Every one of my friends wore white socks, Vans', Adidas, Nike, Champion, or just plain generic. The guys almost never took their socks off for bed, and I frequently took advantage of that fact. Most weekends I'd stay up longer than my buddies and have fun licking my sleeping friends socks while jerking off and busting a nut on their socks or on Ian's carpet.

See, I have a really serious fetish for licking white sport socks, learned at the feet of my aforementioned friend's brother who loved having his socked feet massaged and licked. Even though I'd usually lick their socks while they were sleeping, I still loved it when we got to Ian's and all my buds kicked their shoes off. Hanging out with my friends for an entire evening, scoping out their socks, deciding whose socked feet I was going to perv out on that night was a major turn-on. Plus, I always managed to cop a feel of someone's socks while we were partying, playing video games, or rough-housing. In fact, I'd even taken to wearing white briefs that were two sizes too small under my boxer briefs just to hide my frequent boners.

Ian was the first to bed, and tonight he ditched his pants as well, climbing into bed wearing black boxer-briefs and white ankle socks. He slipped under the covers and turned onto his side, bullshitting with Jason as he tossed his sleeping bag onto the bed. Jason was wearing Nike crew socks tonight, usually my favorites to lick, but he kept his shorts on. So far, Ian's the winner!

I stubbed out the last of my cigarette just as Gabe came out of the bathroom. He was still wearing his Vans' no-show socks, but he'd swapped his jeans for loose-fitting sweat pants. He really didn't like showing off his skinny legs. I thought he was really cute, but he had a complex about being so thin. On the plus side, he was a really deep sleeper. I could usually get away with fucking my cock against the soles of his socks until I came, or slipping my hand through his fly or under his waistband and rubbing his cock through his underwear until he was hard. I'd gotten pretty good at telling when he's about to wake up. At any rate, he's never caught me, although there's been a few close calls.

I hit the switch for the lights as I walked to my sleeping bag, plunging the room into near-darkness. The only light came from the streetlights outside. Enough to see by, once your eyes adjusted. I sat down on my sleeping bag and lit up one of my joints. Matt came over and threw his sleeping bag down next to mine. He was wearing shorts, a couple inches or so of his white Fruit-of-the-Loom briefs visible above the waistband. He was also wearing new white Champion ankle socks. I knew he'd just gotten them because I'd been rubbing against them every chance I got that night. They were still soft and thick, perfect for licking.

We shared the joint and chatted quietly while our friends dropped off to sleep. When the joint was finished, Matt yawned loudly and then said, "G'night, dude" before sliding into his sleeping bag.

I said goodnight, then laid down in my own sleeping bag, opposite Matt, so my head would be near his feet. I was pretty fucked up and super horny. I laid there for a while, then I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and slowly, quietly pushed them down and off. I massaged my dick through my double layer of underwear while thinking about which one of my friend's socks I wanted to lick. Then I started imagining sucking off Ian and Jason in the same bed. My cock was hard as a rock at the thought and I slowly jerked myself through my underwear as I let the fantasy play out in my mind.

I had to stop before long because I was about to bust a nut in my shorts. I got out of my sleeping bag and went over to the door, cracking it so I could smoke a cigarette. I looked around at my friends as I smoked, still trying to decide which one I wanted to mess with. Ian and Jason were both huddled down in their blankets, barely visible. Gabe was laying on his side, with his blanket bunched up around his waist. That left both his socked feet open for my attention. His Vans' socks were an old pair though, more dingy gray than white at this point and not a lot of fun to play with.

That left Matt. I looked over and saw the toes of one socked foot sticking out of his sleeping bag, conveniently facing mine. I smiled to myself, took a last toke off my cigarette, then stubbed it out. I walked back to my sleeping bag and slipped inside. I lay down on my side, facing Matt's socked feet.

I listened for a minute, making sure he was breathing deeply. Then I reached out and started rubbing the part of his foot sticking out of his sleeping bag. Over the course of several minutes I slowly pulled his foot further out of his sleeping bag. Eventually, his entire foot was visible and I started running my hand along the bottom of his sock, enjoying the feel of the soft cotton.

Since my attentions didn't appear to be waking him up, I got a little braver and started pushing the sleeping bag off of his other foot. I was still going really slow, being as careful as possible not to wake him. I finally got his other foot out from under the sleeping bag. I took turns rubbing each of his feet while I stroked my cock through my underwear. My dick was leaking so much pre-cum that my white briefs were damp, almost like I'd pissed myself.

Unable to wait any longer, I slid over and started licking Matt's socks while he was sleeping. I started off running my tongue along the soles of his white Champion socks. I pulled away for a second, reaching in through the fly of both pairs of my underwear and freeing my iron-hard dick. I started slowly jerking off as I turned back to my friend's white socks.

I began licking and sucking on the toes of his socks, swirling my tongue around and over the soft fabric. I slid my mouth down over all the toes of one foot, inhaling the smell of the new socks while I worshipped them with my tongue. That's when Matt woke up.

It was pretty awkward at first. He pulled his feet away, asking why I was jerking and licking his socks. Since the answer was pretty obvious, I confessed, telling him that I was gay and that I had a fetish for socks. Matt definitely thought it was weird that I liked licking his socks, but two joints and an hour later he admitted that it felt good and let me do it some more.

After licking his socks for a bit, I got a little bolder and slid my hand up his leg, under his shorts and started rubbing his cock through his briefs. He didn't tell me to stop, so I slid up closer to his waist, then unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. I admired the up-close view of his white Fruit-of-the-Loom briefs for a second, then bent over and started licking his semi-hard cock through his briefs.

When Matt's dick was completely hard, I pulled it out of the fly of his FTL's and started slowly sucking him. I hadn't been blowing him for long when he put his hand on the back of my head, urging me to go faster. I pulled my own dick out and started jerking off again, taking advantage of our position to occasionally rub the head of my cock against his socks.

All too soon, Matt pushed my head up and down on his dick and started thrusting up with his hips. Then he moaned out, "Here comes a nut", and blew his load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, even grabbing his cock and milking upwards to get every last taste of cum out of his body. As I licked his head clean, my own cock exploded, spraying cum all over his socked feet. I pressed my dick against the top of his socks as the last bit of cum leaked out of my body onto the soft, white fabric.

I rolled onto my back, panting from the exertion, and enjoying the post-orgasm glow. Then Matt surprised me by telling me to lick all of my cum off his socks. I sat up and grabbed one of his legs by the ankle, pulling his socked foot to my face. I licked from the ankle of his sock, down across the top to his toes. Then I turned and licked down the soft, white cotton to his heel, lapping up every drop of cum that I could find. Finished with that foot, I repeated the process with his other sock before laying back down beside him.

We lit up another joint and smoked for a while. I asked him if he enjoyed it, and he said yeah. So, I offered to do it again whenever he wanted. He told me he'd think about it, then we finished the joint in silence. As we settled back in to sleep, I asked him if he'd mind me licking his socks again. He said he didn't mind.

Pushing my luck, I replied, "Even when you're asleep?" He said go for it, but that I'd have to smoke him out if he woke up. The pot and the conversation had me horny again. So I told Matt I was going to jerk off again, then I turned around and lay down with my head beside his socks. I pulled my dick out and started stroking, staring at his socks in the dim light.

After a minute, Matt whispered, "lick 'em," as he moved his foot over, rubbing his sock across my face. I eagerly complied, licking the soles of his white socks while furiously beating my meat. Then Matt pushed his toes into my mouth and I started sucking them through the fabric. He brought his other foot over and rubbed it across the side of my face while I ran my tongue over the socked toes stuffed into my mouth.

Matt pulled his dick out and started jerking off as I worshiped his socks. I took the toes of his other foot into my mouth, sucking and licking the soft, white cotton. I pulled away, turning onto my side and began licking across the top of his sock towards the red and blue Champion logo on his ankle. I felt my orgasm building as I ran my tongue along the hem of his sock, tasting his skin where it met the cotton.

"I'm cumming", I whispered. Then my second load of the night exploded out of my cock. I pressed my face into his socks as I came, inhaling the scent of him, mixed with the wet smell of the saliva-soaked cotton, and a hint of my cum. Most of my load landed on my sleeping bag, but some of it landed on Matt.

"Dude, don't jizz on me", Matt said.

Pulling my face away from his socks, I replied, "Sorry."

I propped myself up on my elbows, watching Matt jerk off in the near darkness. He started tugging on his balls as he got closer to orgasm. His arm was a blur as he stroked his beautiful cock. I sat up all the way and leaned forward so I could get a better look.

"I'm getting close," Matt said in a husky voice. "Get over here so I can cum in your mouth."

I eagerly complied, bending down so that my face was only inches from his flailing hand. Then Matt let go of his dick and said, "Suck it."

As soon as the words left his mouth, I took him into mine. I felt Matt's hand on the back on my head pressing down. I swallowed his cock, feeling the head pushing into my throat, his pubes tickling my nose. He held me there, tight against his crotch as his cum started shooting out of his cock. The first couple of shots went down my throat before he let up enough for me to pull back, taking the rest of his load into my mouth.

I gently swirled my tongue around the head of his dick as I wrapped my hand around his shaft and milked the last of his cum into my mouth. Matt was rubbing the back of my head as I cleaned his cock and swallowed his nut. I continued nursing on his dick until it started to soften in my mouth. When I started to pull away, Matt tugged my head towards his stomach.

"Lick your shit off me, dude", he said, pressing my face into his abs. He guided my head as I licked my cum off his stomach and chest, making sure I got it all. Then he let go and sat up.

"I gotta take a piss", he said.

Feeling really daring at this point, I asked, "Can I watch?"

"I guess so, if you want", he replied.

Matt got up and I followed him into the bathroom. He closed the door behind me, then turned on the light. I knelt down beside the toilet, wanting to get a good view. Matt turned to the toilet and started to pull his dick out through the fly of his shorts. I reached out, pushing his hand away, then unbuttoning his shorts, letting them fall to the floor.

His dick was still hanging out of the fly of his briefs. I grabbed it, tugging lightly, urging him to step forward and out of his shorts. He let me pull him closer, kicking his shorts off his feet. I took in the sight of him, trying to memorize him like that; bright, white Champion socks, cock hanging out of his FTL briefs, looking down on me with those dark, blue eyes. He was so close to me his cock was nearly touching my lips.

"You going to open your mouth?", he asked, looking at me questioningly.

"What?", I replied, coming out of my reverie.

"You wanted to watch me piss, then you pulled me closer to you. I figured you wanted to drink it.", he said. "Just put your mouth over my dick, I know you really want it.", he ordered, fixing me with that intense stare.

I did as he said, realizing I kind of did want it. Once I slipped my mouth over his dick, Matt put both his hands on my head and held me there while he started pissing. The warm stream flooded into my mouth and I began to quickly swallow. The stream was coming too quickly for me to keep up. I choked a little, causing some of his piss to leak out of the corners of my mouth and run down my face. The warm piss dripped off my chin, landing in my lap, wetting my underwear.

Ignoring my choking, Matt kept his hands clamped onto my head. I had no choice but to keep swallowing. The flavor was fairly mild, not even really unpleasant. As his bladder emptied and the stream tapered off, I let more of his piss fill my mouth before swallowing. Matt let go of my head and pulled his dick out of my mouth. He kept his dick pointed toward my face.

"Keep your mouth open and look at me", he demanded.

Again, I did as ordered, opening my mouth and tilting my head back to look into his eyes. He held my gaze for a moment, then shifted his attention to my mouth. After a second, he let loose with a much weaker stream of piss, watching it arc over and into my waiting mouth. Reminding me to keep looking at him, he started moving the stream back and forth, pissing on my face, into my hair, and finally aiming at my crotch, letting the last few jets soak my underwear. Finished, he looked back at me, staring into my eyes again.

"Lick my dick clean", he ordered.

I leaned forward, taking him back into my mouth. I used my tongue to bathe his cock, cleaning every drop off piss from his skin. Satisfied with my work, he pulled away, pushing his cock back into his white briefs.

"That's definitely going to happen again", he said.

"Whenever you want", I replied.

"Probably in the morning", he said as he turned around and bent down to pick up his shorts.

"Would you leave those off tonight?", I asked.

"Yeah", he responded. "But I'm going to sleep. I'll be under the covers."

"I know", I said. "I just want to think of you like that."

"Okay", he said, turning off the light and opening the bathroom door.

We went back to our sleeping bags and sat down. Matt said he wanted to smoke a little more, so I pulled out my last joint and lit it. I passed it to him and he took a couple of hits.

He passed it back, saying, "I'm good."

I took another hit, then stubbed out the joint, saving it for tomorrow. When I looked back at Matt, I saw him taking off his socks. He rolled them together, then turned to look at me.

"Your underwear still wet from my piss?", he asked quietly.

"Yeah, they're pretty wet", I replied.

He grinned, saying, "The other guys'll think you pissed the bed."

"Maybe", I replied. "It was worth it though. That was really hot."

Matt grinned again, barely visible in the dark. Then he reached over, putting a hand around the back of my neck and pulling me closer. When we were almost face-to-face, he brought up his other hand, the one holding his socks, and pressed the rolled up socks against my mouth.

He started pushing them into my mouth. I didn't resist, just let him force them in. Once he had the ball of socks shoved all the way into my mouth, he let go of my neck and sat back.

"Keep my socks in your mouth all night", he ordered. "I also want you to whip out your dick and jerk off before you go to sleep. Cum on your stomach. Tomorrow I want you to wake up covered in my piss, your cum, and with my socks crammed in your mouth. Then you'll drink my piss again. Understood?"

I nod my head yes. Then I leaned back, pulling my already hard dick out through the fly of my piss-soaked underwear and started jerking off. Matt watched me until my cum shot out onto my underwear and belly.

"Good", he said. "Last thing. If any of the guys ask you whats going on, you have to tell them the truth. Understood?" I nodded my head.

"Now, lay down and get some sleep." Matt watched while I laid down and pulled my sleeping bag over me. Then he did the same. I watched him for a long time as he drifted off to sleep. I lay there sucking on his socks, trying to pass out, but my cock just wouldn't go soft. I was so pumped up I needed up to jerk off again before I'd be able to get to sleep myself.


So, I pulled my dick out of the fly of my tight, white briefs and gripped the shaft through the white boxer-briefs I was wearing on top. I slowly jerked my dick through the fabric until I shot my load all over the inside of my boxer-briefs. Finished, I packed my (finally) softening dick back inside of my tighty-whities and passed out.

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And For My Friend Justin
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no meat just mine

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Bobalong Blog Added 23 hrs ago 236 views 8 comments Post Comment

God I just love hairy legs, love to run my hands up and down them, also love to see hairy armpits, but never see any pics of either

someone please help me Happy Easter xxx

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Have You Served In Your Countries Armed Services?
Nick18 Blog Added 1 day ago 538 views 27 comments Post Comment

I can't think or a greater honor than serving your country, I think more of our community should consider joining. Things have changed and can be very beneficial


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Newbie Needs Gbt Tutorial...
Boyherder Blog Added 1 day ago 156 views 5 comments Post Comment

I’ve searched the web for sites that allow me to indulge my fantasies without fear of judgement. GBT seems to be the holy grail unless I am advised otherwise. I‘m looking forward to the free association of like minded guys that can share their knowledge/wisdom with me. Please suggest areas or activities that I should be aware of. I want to avoid any naive faux pas that could jeopardize my respect within our community. I would of course be very thankful. I live in Northern California and am always open to providing a safe friendship with my local brethren. Hope to post on many walls in the future... Truly yours, Deimo (Dee-Mo)

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Discovering The Truth Behind The Man, The Shadow Of A Doubt 3: Ruby Rubber Mars Cadet
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There's A Fight Among The Trainees For The Job As Gbt Assistant To The Administrator... 3, 4, 5 Names Are In The Table... James, Kenny, Some Others... One Of Them Is Already In Holywood, Texas, As We Can See In This Picture, During His Promenade With Nic
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When I try to play a video, it says media not loading. Anyone else having this problem?

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Uploading Help?
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I'm sure this question has come up before, but I wanted to ask my fellow GBT members: Do you also run into difficulty trying to upload a video or image? I've tried a few times, following the procedure. For whatever reason, my stuff just won't upload! These are my own vids and pics (no identities or faces shown though, just the good stuff between myself and partners lol). Any help or advice? I'd appreciate it. Thanks! xoxo

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Uploads Are Not Working For Me...
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ever since the first day... .everytime I uplaod anything, they're never to be seen again... :(

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