Blog Your Favorite Troye Photo Or Gif!!! Or Make A New One..... :)~
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Just for fun! I suppose the best GIF can get 5 stars and a friends request!  Lame I know....  LOL

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Mister Miyagi
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  Chat on,,Chat off


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what is the story with chat application? Just a decoration for xmas?

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What Is Your Main Sexual Fantasy ?
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Hey guys, hope you are all doing well for this weekend. I'll start with my sexual fantasy...

If you already know me, you are aware that i'm a big fan of older men, daddies as we call them. Here are my 2 fantasies with a daddy :

1 - I want to go outside with a daddy (restaurant, pub, cinema, whatever...) wearing a butt plug, and the daddy is the only one to know i'm wearing this butt plug. It can also be a vibrating plug, controlled by the daddy. The complicity with the daddy must be so exciting.


2 -  The other fantasy is more focused on sex. It's being a daddy's toy / slave during a whole weekend or week. Doing EVERY single thing he wants me to do, sexual or not. Wearing what he wants me to wear, clean his house, cook for him, go shoppig for him, and of course, satiate all his sexual desires. 

For now, i only did the first fantasy, but not in real. I was speaking with a daddy via text message (met him online), and he asked me to go to the gym, or running with my butt plug. That was really exciting, but it would have been funnier with him i'm sure...

So now, tell me, what are your fantasies ? :) I'll read all of them and we can discuss about it if you want ! Kiss

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Hey Please Get To Know Me
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Hey! I come from Thailand and yes i'm Thai, i'm just 17 years old actually, and that's me in the profile pic. LoL. I want to talk to everyone so text me [email protected]  all the time :)

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Need Some Advice
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Hey everyone! Im posting this latest "entry" seeking help from anyone whose a writer because Im trying to create my own Gay male porn story but for some reason i just haven't been able to finish writing it.

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Can anyone explain "how to post pics on walls"? I have been trying and can't figure ut out

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Today My Place
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brr chilli tc bros

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Mistress Pufta Is Now On Gbt.
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*Hiss!!* Behave Boys and Men or face my dungeon for a long torture session before I let you be released.


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What Should I Do ?
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Hey guys, i often feel alone. What should I do when i feel alone ? Most of the time, i talk with random guys, or watch some videos, but i don't feel really happy about it...

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Just Being Silly....
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Send Me Your Hottest Stuff
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Hi dude! Love GBT. Send me your hottest stuff you like :-)

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For All To See
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I posted new pics sets! Enjoy!

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I cant figure guys out weather they are str8, bi, or gay when I was in high school guys always bragged about how big and bad their dick is but they all went out of their way to make sure no one would see it in the boys room, or the locker room. Even now that I graduated last june guys I know are still affraid of another guy seeing their jewels. Maybe because they are affraid a guy with a bigger one will laugh at theirs who knows but when it comes to showing their jewels to a female they are not as shy, maybe thinking that girls don't see alot of cock and may say dang you are hung like a horse lol. Who knowsI just wish guys wouldn't be so shy to let me see it. I promise not to laugh.

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📆 My Daily-ish Blog
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Sad Today
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i know it might not mean anything to anybody here today. i had to go to a memorial today for my grandmother who was 94 years old. i thought it would be a great celebration of life. when you lose someone who you have known all your life it is a different thing. i was fine until i saw all the pictures and heard the music. i have been  very teary eyed since then. i was unable to be with her when she passed away due to a danm sinus infection.. i was with my brother when he passed away . i feel like i failed my grandma who fed me when i was hungry and put a roof over my head when i was homeless. i didn't think it would be so hard to say good bye to someone who led such a full life. i think it is just the selfishness in me not wanting to let go. love you gramma d! no need for anyone to reply. just had to get that off my heart.


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Apparently, videos no longer delete the thumbnails from your page when the video its self no longer exists. So I begin the monumental task of dropping the "No playable source found" media. This is very time consuming because there is still that pesky thumbnail. Don't bother with the admins they won't do anything if you are having the same issue.


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Who Wants To Cum On Cam With Me
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let' cum to ather message me 

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First Sexual Experience
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Describe your first sexual experience. How old were you? Where did it happen? What happened?
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This Day In History...5.12.1945 - Aircraft Squadron Lost In The Bermuda Triangle
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At 2:10 p.m., five U.S. Navy Avenger torpedo-bombers comprising Flight 19 take off from the Ft. Lauderdale Naval Air Station in Florida on a routine three-hour training mission. Flight 19 was scheduled to take them due east for 120 miles, north for 73 miles, and then back over a final 120-mile leg that would return them to the naval base. They never returned.

Two hours after the flight began, the leader of the squadron, who had been flying in the area for more than six months, reported that his compass and back-up compass had failed and that his position was unknown. The other planes experienced similar instrument malfunctions. Radio facilities on land were contacted to find the location of the lost squadron, but none were successful. After two more hours of confused messages from the fliers, a distorted radio transmission from the squadron leader was heard at 6:20 p.m., apparently calling for his men to prepare to ditch their aircraft simultaneously because of lack of fuel.

By this time, several land radar stations finally determined that Flight 19 was somewhere north of the Bahamas and east of the Florida coast, and at 7:27 p.m. a search and rescue Mariner aircraft took off with a 13-man crew. Three minutes later, the Mariner aircraft radioed to its home base that its mission was underway. The Mariner was never heard from again. Later, there was a report from a tanker cruising off the coast of Florida of a visible explosion seen at 7:50 p.m.

The disappearance of the 14 men of Flight 19 and the 13 men of the Mariner led to one of the largest air and seas searches to that date, and hundreds of ships and aircraft combed thousands of square miles of the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and remote locations within the interior of Florida. No trace of the bodies or aircraft was ever found.

Although naval officials maintained that the remains of the six aircraft and 27 men were not found because stormy weather destroyed the evidence, the story of the “Lost Squadron” helped cement the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, an area of the Atlantic Ocean where ships and aircraft are said to disappear without a trace. The Bermuda Triangle is said to stretch from the southern U.S. coast across to Bermuda and down to the Atlantic coast of Cuba and Santo Domingo.

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Sexy Boy
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Hello Jack, 

Please don't delete me, 😢

I have a story of discovery. 

The summer that I as 15 I worked at a beach club on the Jersey Shore. I was locker boy, we were supposed to open up the beach lockers of the customers that came to use them to change in and store there clothes for the day while they used and played on the beach. My coworkers from the years before had drilled small holes in the back of some of the lockers so that they could go and peak at the female customers changing. Well I found out about the holes and would go peak at any of the hot looking men that would come and change at the beach club. Well one weekend when I was on duty I had the really hot guy and a few of his friends come to use the lockers for the day. I was busy most of the day since it was the weekend and a great day for the beach.


I was admiring the hot guys all day since they were right below us on the beach and we were on the boardwalk. I heard on of them say he was going for a walk so he decided to use the locker to change to street clothes. As he called me "locker boy" I followed him to the locker to open it up for him. Getting very close to him and looking up at him and that hot hairy chest I could just imagine what was in those swim trunks of his. I also noticed that this is one of the peep hole locker. As soon as he got in a quickly went around to the other locker and looked in the hole and boy was I surprised to see one of the nicest cocks I could remember ever. I was not huge but a nice 7" inches with a great dark bush as well. I was thinking "Damn I want to put that cock in my mouth and suck on it for hours". Next thing I noticed was there was an eyeball looking back at me through the little peep hole . He said want to see more come on back over. So I quickly said I am taking a quick break to my coworkers and ran back to the hot man in the locker, he was waiting for me for sure and quickly open the door and let me in.


There he was standing in front of me completely naked and hard, he said if you want it  take it and that is exactly what I did, I started sucking on this delicious cock that tasted like salt water from the ocean but still felt great in my mouth. He kept sliding it in and out and all I could think of was that delicious cock in my mouth. So before he was ready to cum he knelt down in front of me and took my 15 yo cock in his mouth and gave me a very hot blow job as well, I was so anxious that I shot very quickly and he just gobbled it all up with out missing a beat. Then I went and finished him off and he was the first time I swallowed a complete load usually was a drop or two, but I took all or his man cum and swallowed it all. At that time I had to get back to work and he said well let's do this again later, I know my friends would enjoy meeting you too. Well I never did get to meet his friends there at work but I did bump into them on the boardwalk and was introduced to them all as the little cocksucker and that is exactly what we did, back in their hotel room that night my first of many orgies I will experience in my life. This was with 4 guys in their early twenties and me a 15 yo chicken meat .


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it's me


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Pearl Harbor Day
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December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day in the US.  A day to remember the  atrocity that took place on that day and those who lost their lives and suffered grievous injury on that day. as well as those who risked life and limb to rescue those wounded.  Thank you heroes long passed but not forgotten!

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Gorgeous Gorge
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To Everyone
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I love boys of color, feel free to post to my wall.

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^^baby Kittens Meowing :pppp
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A Superb Weekend Followed By An Unique Week For Everybody ! Please Be Coooooooooooooooooool And Always Lovable And Super Kind ! Love Your Boys !
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A Superb Weekend 

Followed By An Unique Week For Everybody ! 

Please Be Coooooooooooooooooool  And Always Lovable And Super Kind ! 

Love Your Boys ! 



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why does it keep going away and coming back

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Sexual History
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Mostly into girls sexually until age 20. No sex. Suddenly I found short males attractive. What do I do? Since Bi did not seem an option, I went with marriage. I was very content, until I failed to please her. When my wife cut WAY back on the sex I eventually turned to porn cubicles. Men kept hitting on me. After a couple of years, I allowed men to fondle me. I only liked short and cute males, but I was short and cute. So here was my "solution" - after a few years of sexual frustration I turned to manly men to fuck me, and I would be the short and cute that I liked. Thus, though I fantasize about fucking cute males, I only bottom for many males! I tried marriage all over again and it failed all over again, for reasons not directly due to my Bi tendancies.


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Same Sex Marriage - Australia
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Finally! After a voluntary postal survey (with an 80% participation rate, returning 62% support for gay marriage) the Australian parliament has just passed the same sex marriage legislation. All this delay for political reasons but finally we can celebrate and look forward to the first local same sex marriages in January 2018.

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