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The Honda Vtx 1800
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Damn this thing is huge!  I saw one for sale at my local flee market for 5,500 bucks. I pulled my ass muscle trying to sit on it...

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What Happened.
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Have you ever gone drinking with straight friends that you found atractive and when that person was drunk as hell ended up doing something sexual with that person and I don't mean butt bangin kinda sex just like suckin, touchin, and jerking off kinda stuff. 

When I was 16 I had a str8 friend who was on the freshman football team, I always thought he was cute, I had no idea how to play football since I never played it but I joined the football team just so I could watch him undress and see him in the shower. Many times my teammates and I would go to parties and drink one night I hung out and the guy I liked asked me why I joined the team cuz I suck at playing football. Affraid to tell him the truth I gave him some bs story thats when he asked if I was gay and I asked him why hes asking. He told me his girlfriend told him I liked boys and not girls. I fessed up to being gay and made it known that I liked him. It wasn't till a year later when we were now close friends and drunk as hell one winter night in the woods that he asked if I ever fantacised about him and I said yes, he asked what it was and again I told him and in much detail. Fearing I made a mistake in telling him my thoughts and that I just ruined my friendship with him, he surprised me he came up to me and said give me you're hand so I did. He pushed my hand down the front of his jeans until I felt his hard penis. He told me to enjoy myself and he let me jerk him off until he nutted in his boxers. I wished that I could have seen it but that was something I will never forget and he didn't either. A few months later we stopped hangin out and I still don't know if that night was the cause. Now we are both 19 and had graduated from the get high school he moved away never to be seen by me again 😢😢😢.

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Be Beautiful On The Inside Too
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I see many beautiful boys on this site but also on nights out I see plain ordinary boys standing alone in clubs and bars no one speaking to them. So all you gorgeous things with stunning looks clearly displaying your assets show your hidden and best feature.... caring.  Simply say hi and find some compliment .i.e your eyes are an amazing blue.   Doing this, you will make them feel a little more part of our world and here is the best bit you will feel amazing, I guarantee it. .   Love is the cheapest commodity we have, let us share it around.  There is too much bigotry and hatred in the world let LGBT community be at the forefront of stamping it out once and for all. I have lived through every day of the forty plus years we have strived to be heard now the mantle is yours to carry.  All of you be happy and make others the same.  Hugs and kisses. Mike

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So, How Does This Make You Feel?
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Well, I hope you hate it. I do. It's mean-spirited and only shows a lack of originality and communication skills. So then why do you express yourselves to me in this fashion so often? What did I ever do to you? Do you really hate and despise me that much? Again, how would you feel if this was in your face multiple times for no apparent reason.

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Quebecois Gay Twink
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Salut Je cherche un beau twink québécois qui souhaite rencontrer un beau americain, poilu.  Contacte- moi!  J’adore soucer la bite et lecher le cul! 

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What's Going On With Titus Snow's Penis Here, Eh?
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What's going on with Titus Snow's penis here, eh?   It has a small head when it is erect.   Does that mean anything is wrong?

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Nick.... Photos Having Slideshow Accessibility On Our Wall ? Everybody ... Your Thoughts
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Any other people interested in trying to get slideshow accessibility for photos(for  favorites  photos) Slideshow for photos on windows and other websites makes it enjoyable to view photos without having to continually click back-and-forth ...Please Discuss...

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Us Navy Pilots' Tribute To The Cock
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The pilots of the US Navy have paid a tribute to the cock.According to a report published in the ‘People’ a US Navy aircraft which flew over the skies of Okanogan County, Washington drew an air trail which resembled the shape of a giant penis.The top officials of the navy have criticized the action of the pilots and began an investigation.The residents of the Okanogan County who noticed the skywriting posted the pics of the penis on Twitter and made complaints to the local news stations.This incident shows the  love for cock which is the center of pleasure.


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Cute Boy
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  has anyone here participated in high school wrestling or swimming? please tell me how it is you and fellow athletes like showing their junk on the mat, walking off, in pictures, etc? and many times mom and dad, maybe siblings watching on the sidelines or viewing the pictures online. i like being naked and showing my junk, but not to my family. just curious?

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Any Ideas ? Fenugreek
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a salade leaf kit for christmas hmm stuffs sprouting - fenugreek hmm any ideas ? not

grown it before


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The Party Is On
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Got a hot bottom coming over tonight. Buds are in the refrig.

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Tom Daley Nude Leak
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For those of you who don't know, Tom Daley is a British Diver who has won gold in the Olympics. He is also openly gay and married to Dustin Lance Black.

Tom had a video leaked in early 2017 where he shows his body and stroking his bulge through his boxers. 

Now 2 new images has leaked, one of Tom just in bed (no nude), and then one of his ass. I must say, he does have a nice ass! 

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Pissing Fetish
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Anyone have a pissing fetish? I just can't get enough of it!!

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Bienvenue à Vous !
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Bienvenue à vous , n'hésitez pas en m'envoyer vos fesses et votre pénis ;) ! Kiss

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Thank you for everything you do for gbt

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Get To Work
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Barron Trump
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Who cares about Donald Trump's all I know is his son Barron is a total babe cute and oh so hot. I would bet my Domino's Pizza pay check that lil Barron is as gay as I am I can tell by the way he walks and acts. I would give my life to see him do gay porn one day I will buy all of his movies lol.

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On Being Nice... The Visuals And Friendship
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I suppose we all have our reason for being "regulars" on GBT... Quite obviously I think the pictures afford me and probably all of you an opportunity to appreciate the male body and to marvel at young guys be their poses relaxed and pensive or perhaps explicit.  Some push the envelope giving the site administrator headaches and the rest of us thinking what were the posters thinking?  

I have met some truly interesting people who offer wisdom, support, feedback, laughter, compassion, love and friendship.   I can't say I've interacted with too many cashew nuts, however when I have we part company in a rational manner.

Some of you truly do an amazing job visually presenting pictures and expressing your point of view.  I'm also one of those folks who enjoy reading detailed profile information and seeing avatars even if you choose to spice things up mixing reality, with fiction and wishful thinking.

Keep in touch... do your thing, but be honest, fair and spare us all of rudeness.


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What does this  Error loading player: No playable source found mean? Some of my favorite older vids are no longer available.

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Enough Of Christmas New Year Trump Nonsence Alt Right Fakery Im Off To Make Some Soup
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Pea and roast garlic soup
Nigella Lawson
one whole head of garlic
2 tsps olive oil
200g frozen peas
25g butter
2 tbsps freshly grated parmesan (and more to serve)
200ml warm stock
150ml double cream (max - you may well want to use less)
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Whats Your Fetish ??
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Write one fetish. your main one !
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Gay Erotica
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We all like our erotica. Otherwise we wouldn't be here. Personally though I prefer leaving a little to the imagination. Using a prop, clothing, or shadows to cover genitalia enhances the effect for me. Showing everything eventually causes me to get bored.

So what are your thoughts? How do you prefer your erotica?

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Do You Like Creepypastas?
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Have you heard of them? 

They're like campfire stories but for the Internet. 

I like to listen to them on youtube, esp at night in the dark when the mood is much better for it, I find them quite thought provoking. I listen to all the different scary 'true' and fictional stories on youtube as much as I can.


Do you have have favourites? Or maybe willing to share some of your own? Or even just odd scary things you have experienced. .....

anyway, I really want to discuss this subject with others.



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