How Many Of Are You Willing To Die Today?
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How many of are you willing to die today? To give your life for people that you don't know and will never know. To die so that those people can laugh and dance and smile and fall in love, go to work, take their children to school, have a warm meal at home, post bullshit on  their favorite social website, express their outrage on whatever the latest nonsensical issue of the day might be. That is the commitment the members of our Armed Services make to us every day. That is the gift they give us. Freedom. And they are and do pay for it with their lives. Thank you. We should say it more than once a year. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Cuty And Very Talented Johnb From Australia
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Uncut Videos
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My newest discovery: twink tube. Worth it.

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Love Gbt
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I love looking at gay porn and GBT is the most perfect place for me. GAY sex is so awesome to look at. I Love young and younger guys

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All i wanted for Christmas was friendship with this person and Shotabo to stop hurting feeling.

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This Boy Is Hot
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Everyone Try N Work On Your About Me Stuff
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Cuz I really want to get to know some people and make friends ok and i promise ill work on mine! ^-^  :e  *  *  * waka waka waka   *SWAK

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Tax Cuts For Dummies
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But Shadow!!! Trump is Racist, Homophobic, Misogynist, Xenophobic, is a White Conservative Christian and a liar, has Orange hair and tiny hands! This will be Armageddon and blah, blah, blah, blah........

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Thoughts On Jace Norman?
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Jace Norman is so gorgeous and handsome! What are your thoughts on him?

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Reset The Password Does Not Work
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Hi Gays 

My Profil here is usually Jeromie. As I forgot my Password to sign in, i was tried to reset but i never get a mail back. 

So i tried to contact the Administrator Nick13 i have send him 2 mails but i have never got an answer.

So that's why i will no more by here. 



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Underwear Fetish
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A hot boy in a pair of tight white underwear ... Such a turn on! 

There's a hot story behind this, but let's hear yours first.

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Why So Many Fakers?
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I don't understand why there are so many fakers on this site. All it takes is a reverse image search on the avatar that you claim is you and boom up come and results from other sites where you stole it from.

Why do you/they do it?

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So There Are Still People Like This Out There....
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So anyway!  I have read the book--watched the movie.  LOVED them both (and thank my friends who made both of those things possible!)  Go read it ---- Go see it!!  The actors are brilliant.  As in with every book/movie---there are some some differences.. To me it just makes it 2 different stories, both worthy of being told.  OKAY!  She is just some child who posted this, BUT I left her a comment....  Such ignorance should never be let go....    Post to her in a kind way!  Don't be mean!  BUT DAMN! This girl just got me into a frenzy of wondering how there are still people out there like this.....   

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Tribute To Kennyteenboy
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Life goes up and down. The good news is that Kenny is recovering quickly. And the bad thing that Kenny is still sleeping. What I have heard is that Kenny was the most loved and the best person here on GayBoysTube. Not only here, but in reality he is cute, soft and he always hears what other people with a problem say.

When Kenny was a member, he wanted to get to know as many new people as possible and that was successful GayBoysTube is for him one of the best communication website where you always get to know new people

Kenny always has new ideas for his profile. It goes non stop and what are his plans (after Christmas and the New Year) is that he will restyle his page.

Unfortunately that still has to wait, but I know that Kenny will not forget you, his part of his memory is lost.

Kenny always says: beauty is on the inside and not on the outside. It does not matter what you look like. We are all equal and no one is more or less.

He is great and he will stay that way, but Kenny also has other secret sides and that is nice to tell. he often struggles to say no. Sometimes it gets too much, but you can not keep everyone as a friend. It is funny to see

Kenny also told me that there are people who do not like him. I do not understand that myself either. why would those people hate Kenny.

i (Xander) miss Kenny very much. I feel alone this Christmas. That does not apply to me but also to you. He fights for his life and I (Xander) can only say that he only sleeps and that he recovered. Let's hope Kenny returns soon

Me and Kenny wish you a Merry Christmas

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Fortunately We Don't Need President Trump To Even Bomb North Korea
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I figured by the time the Trump era was over South Korea was going to be an island.  Little did I know it would be self inflicted.

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Kennyteenboy = No Longer Here...
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Hello I'm Xander again.
I have terrible news to tell you..
Whats happend? well I gonna tell you a Story..

It was Thursday evening 14 december 2017 on 8 o'clock in de evening 
Kenny went shopping in the evening with me (Xander)

He had forgotten his iPhone in the Apple Store and he went back.
Well I walked behind him. Kenny was very happy and song Christmas songs.

Suddenly four Moroccan boys came out of an alley.
The boys grabbed Kenny and threw it on the floor.

They kicked Kenny face as he lay on the floor...
Kenny has a broken nose and blue around his face.

But that's not all.
Kenny has a broken arm and a broken leg and he went to the hospital urgently.

The police can not make any perpetrators know yet!

He is now in the hospital. Kenny is in a coma and will take a long time before he wakes up. Until then,
I will take over Kenny's profiel again. If I (Xander) know more then. I will let you know directly

For the time being.. Kenny is sleeping peacefully 

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Temporary Fake Accounts.
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Why do people make fake accounts and keep them just long enough to leave some derogatory or snide reply to a blog, do they not want others to know their true opinion on whatever the subject is? Some people make a second account, keep it long enough to post their opinion and then immediately delete the fake account. I have one account here on GBT, maintaining multiple accounts would be to hard for me from a manageability standpoint. When it comes to tech stuff, including here in the blogs, I have 2 brain cells which rarely are firing simultaneously.

I must be a real insensitive jerk of an asshole because I don't care, give a shit etc whether someone agrees or disagrees with my opinion. It's mine and I am not ashamed of it.

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While I have been on this site as a member four 2793 days I have never had the black anyone.  I have of course Had disagreements with two or three different members I have never Block them when I have posted the point of view whether it be politics or just personal disagreements. If you are going to spew out your propaganda whether is the politics or the age of consent or whatever the disagreement you should at least have the balls to let those who dissent from your views be allowed to. To me it always takes a special coward to bully there propaganda point of views and when someone doesn't like it in response you Block them.

Now all the years that I've been here there have been many characters some who are just raw haters and others who like to disagree just to disagree. Many good members have left in the last six months you all know who they are. This has been my favorite site to come to. And I will stay so block away my little children Block away. Be well stay well.

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The Summer Of Mike
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This is like a scene from my first lover (Mike). We were just like this in bed! He'd resist and I'd end up either jerking/blowing him or humping his butt until I creamed. One day being horny and fed up I slid it in and busted inside him. It felt soooo good! After that "No" was not an option. I fucked him everyday. Sometimes all day. Best summer of my life!

This isn't Mike, but is very close to what he looked it

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What Is
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I see this everywhere here and ive never heard of it ^-^

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Happy New Year 2018
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So how many times have you cum this year? Me 6 times

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Happy New Year
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Image associée

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Who Are They!!!
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Ok, gonna try not to post this 1000 times this time around! So far I LOVE this site, and can't wait to start chatting to you all, but I need all your help! 

I found these videos and I'm convinced they're from the same guys, they must have recorded a series or did some kind of webshow? I really wanna know if there's more because I'm in love!! SO HOT!! Do let me know xx



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2018 - Year Of The Earth Dog
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2018 will be the Year of the Dog!

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What Actions
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Saying you like those young sweet

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Food For Thought
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I was once told by an older gay man who was 78 that you're body is the most preciouse resource you will ever own, use it any way you can. Don't be affraid of it, don't be ashammed or embarassed by it. Be proud of it always and don't ever be affraid to show it to those who enjoy looking at it. Every minute of every day you're body is changing it will never look again like it does now cuz with each passing day my dudes your body is aging. Use it well and show it off you may be surprised by it when you sit back and count the cash people would pay to see it if just for a moment. Happy New Years everyone and may the new year be a very prophitable one.💸💰💰💲 

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Who Knew ?
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Who Knew ?



Who knew that the great creator had duplicated the ever-handsome, satin-skinned boyfriend? Nevertheless here he was, an uncanny copy being introduced to me. A twin yet, at 18, two years younger than his older brother who has becomes my favourite over the past two years.

Who knew that after a wonderful day at Dongtan Beach, the SatinDoll and his ladyboy lover asked if I would consider letting this virgin of the moneyed life of Pattaya come to my room and “give me an all night massage”? I immediately accepted and foolishly neglected to ask some important questions about the background of this offer. My gawd, this clone had the same looks, the same stance, the same walk, the same speech as the original which all combine to have the same effect on me and, as usual, normal rational thinking was lost.

Who knew why this SatinDoll II was being offered to me? Later I could think of several reasons. Because he had been visiting for several days from his Bangkok menial labouring job and the Satin Doll and his ladyboy had some plans that didn’t include the younger brother. It could be because additional money from renting his body was required to take back to mama. Maybe the boy was tired of sleeping on the hard floor and wanted to enjoy some of the relative luxury of the farang’s apartment. OR….maybe this recent 18 year old was mesmerized and attracted to the perceived excitement and riches of Sin City and the SatinDoll was quite aware that this farang was a caring and gentle man and would be respectful in teaching his brother the unique requirements of a Pattaya money-boy. I must say, the latter played heavily on my mind.

Who knew what would result from the intricate dance that took place in my room after the prepartory snooker games, stroll through Walking Street and Boystown, a drink outside JimJimmyJames and a bite to eat from a noodle cart? In the room the foreplay continued with sodas, looking at trip-pictures collect on the farang’s computer, and a cleansing shower by the farang. With a Thai movie playing on the TV, the farang stripped to his boxer shorts hoping the boy would follow his lead but alas, the pants came off but the t-shirt, boxers and brief remained in place. For the farang, entering the unknown produced an intoxicating effect and he wondered at the thoughts going through the mind of this newbee.

Who knew that the massage turned out to be very professional and lasted almost 2 hours? Never, during the massage did the boy straddle the farang like the beach massage-boys do but he knelt to either side. Whenever the farangs hand came close to the boy he gently caressed the oh-so smooth skin of his masseur – a touch that was never rebelled but never acknowledged. When the massage ended the farang went to the washroom to brush his teeth and prepare his body for any eventuality. On returning to the bedroom, he found the SatinDoll II tucked up tightly with the sheet pulled to his chin. The farang lifted the sheet on his side of the bed and slipped in beside the unknown.

Who knew that in the morning the farang would feel so contented and satisfied? Upon entering the bed; he executed the preliminary move he had planned in the washroom? He mover close to the boy and whispered how great the massage had been and, in appreciation, he wrapped his arms around the boy and gave him a respectful but, hopefully, meaningful hug. The faring discovered his bed-mate had not lost any of his clothing and the hug was answered with only a smile. The hug was released, space was created between the two bodies, conversation was banal and the farang’s mind feverishly began assessing all the signs from the beach to now and he began to see a pattern. Later the farang decide to attempt one last ploy. He rolled and stretched and let his hand softly fall on the, now exposed, t-shirt. Fingers gently caressed the chest and nipples through the cloth hoping on hope to receive a positive response. Even though the boy did not turn away, no encouragement was forthcoming. The farang offered a last hug , sniff-kiss and said goodnight.

Who knows if the farang did the right thing?

Who knows? Lamont Cranston knows. The Shadow knows.

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Happy New Year!
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To all of you a very Happy New Year 2018 with much love, health an peace.

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Ads (owls11)
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As we approach a new year I feel heaviness and sadness at the loss of our special friend Ads (owls11). He was a special caring beautiful friend. One in a million. Always in our hearts. If you're looking down we love you buddy

Andy x

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Wish To My All G B T Friends A Happy New Year And A 2018 Full Of Love, Joy And Happiness !
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Have A Good 2018 Bros
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the goats are having a party - plenty of grass peas and cider :)

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