Happy New Year 2018
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To all my friends, and I would like to say for those people, that might be in between relations or just feel a bit down at this moment in time, would like to send you a smile, a hug, it might not change things, but just to maybe see you smile a little, is a step forward, love, Scott

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Show Some Love
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I want to wish all members and fellow gay and bi guys a very happy new year filled with love peace and prosperity. I ask that you show your love and appreciation to our service members, police,fire,and all first responders. Treat them to a hot cup of coffee and say thank you for being there for me . 

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You Got Mail.. You Have To Commit Suicide (read My Blog)
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Well I have haters here and he sends me a private mail in my outlook... Do you want to know how it all started? Read my blog: Haters Make Me Famous (link is here: http://mp-lab.pl/blog/42637.html)

I Was done cleaning my room and it was 3:00 o'clock afternoon. first I drink a glas of water and no time I was back on GBT.
Uploading vids etc..as I do it everyday (no news for me)

I Checking my mail (on GBT and my Outlook) and I got a mail from this
anonymous person on outlook and he is apparently also member on this website..

My first thoughts started: "no not again"
But anyway.. I read it and I was in Shock.. That person wants me dead...

Well Here is the mail..

Hello KennyTeenBoy,

I know you upload a lot of videos on this website and I found out that you're not doing good
Also sent to other people who your friends are agree with it. Take a look on your page.. Its horrible..Sick make it..
You have no talent for this.. And your friends are not your friends.. These friends want to lose you and
disappear as soon as possible on GayBoysTube..

Do you not believe me? I Sent mails and sent private messages to all your friends and they all say the same like me.
Why are you still alive? If I was you, I'll commit suicide.. Your friends will not miss you and if you're dead. 

Then it is calm here. If you're dead, We're going to celebrate a big party and I invite all your friends
Soo grap some rope and kill your self.. Its better if you still alive and being a loser on GBT.

One more thing:
I see, you placed a blog here on GBT (Haters Make Me Famous)
your not famous, your are a sick person.
I hope you will die soon and that we will celebrate a party soon.

- end of the mail-

Well my first reaction was:
Okee.. eeuuhhhh (i was in Shock)

Well friends.. If you got some mail do not believe it..

I strong and I stay strong


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I Won't Be Here For The Weekend So I Will Post This Tonight Happy New Year Everyone. I Wish For All To Have A Awesome Year 2018 (including The Haters)
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     There are those who pass like ships in the night, who meet for a moment, then sail out of sight with never a backward glance of regret; folks we know briefly then quickly forget. Then there are friends who sail together, through quiet waters and stormy weather, helping each other though joy and through strife. And they are the kind who give meaning to life.” Author Unknown When I first read this quote it touched something in me. It made me realize how we all are ships on the sea of life. In real life, @Twitter, @Tumblr, @FaceBook or here at @GayBoysTube, we all come and go out of each others lives. Some leave us with good memories, others not so much. But, however brief, or good or bad, we all leave our mark on each other. It used to hurt when people I thought were friends turn out not to be. In real life it’s calls unreturned or invitations not given. On Twitter it can be dms or tweets unanswered or being unfollowed or blocked. It took a while for me to realize it had nothing to do with me. It had to do with the other person. They made the choice. So all I can do is pick up and move on. This is what I tell my friends when they come to me upset because of how someone just dropped them. It does us no good to dwell on why they did it or what did I do. We will never know the answer. Like ships passing in the night, soon that person will no longer be in our sight. The best thing to do is look toward your horizon. For on the other side are new friends just waiting to meet you. New people who will leave their mark on you. Good and bad experiences that will add to the growth of your being. While you will have people go out of your life and it can be painful. Sometimes, if you are really blessed you will find that person or persons who can be called a #BFF. They are there when you are happy and will never leave you when you are sad. They have seen you when you look like a million bucks and when you look like something the cat dragged in. To have people who love you for who you are and not what you can give them or what you look like is worth more than anything money can buy. I can say I have been blessed with wonderful #BFFs. If I were given a choice of a very successful writing career and a fabulous life or having my #BFFs. I would choose my #BFFs. To not have people in your life who know you so well that they know when you need a laugh or a shoulder to cry on is very sad to me. I would be so very lost without my #BFFs. So, to all the people in real life and in the cyber world who have sailed out of my life. I wish you all the best. I learned from you and it was time to part. Does this mean I wasn’t hurt or angry. No! I am human after all, but I don’t like dwelling on the negative. I choose to be positive 

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Gay Gods--bless This Sick Fool, Going Out!!
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True story-from just this morning.... Just when I thought I was as sick of being sick as I could get.  When I was wondering what I was going to do to get through this New Year's without having a total meltdown....Asking myself if this is all I have left, then why bother going on.... When I was pulling out every piece of clothing I ever owned, crying the whole time,  ready to throw out the stuff I hate, or re-wash all of my favorite clothes just to keep from going absolutely insane.... Only stopping from time to time to just curl up in a ball just bang my head on the wall....

That friend who knows me better than anyone in the world calls, as if he could feel my pain, feel my anguish.  The straight boy I have know since 1978 and who I once had a major crush on for years. The friend who forgave all when I told him my deepest secret that I once loved him above anyone else and forgave me for all of those awkward years of fights and weirdness created by my jealousy when he would date some girl, then eventualy get married.. The friend who stayed my friend even though I have three time in the past 2 years thought my mind would finally be the end of me. The friend who once again came to my rescue to day and said..  

And so coughing fits or not, we are going shopping for some BlackBerry Brandy and new clothes.And going to out in -30 wiind chills to bring in the New Year. The straight boy who will give me a kiss on the lips again at midnight like he has done ever New Years since I came out to him. It isn't a lovers kiss, yet it is a kiss filled with love. This is the same boy who I couldn't bring myself to call this weekend because after all, how many times are we allowed to lean so hard on our freinds? I have No answer yet--that time hasn't come yet! 

May you get "THAT" Kiss tonight. If not HAPPY NEW YEARS KISSES!!!   Virtual Kisses are still kisses!! 

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Any Albums Of Him On This Site?
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I believe his name is Ben Masters. Was wondering if there are any collections of him on this site.;


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Its Countdown Time
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YIP                             ITS 4 HRS 40 MIN    TO NEWYEAR

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL   just listining to the  BGS OF TO THE RSA       CHEIRS ALL

                             LOV   ROSCO

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New Year Greetings
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Wish you all GBT members a happy and prosperous New Year.

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Happy New Year!!!
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Sandbas Fishing Rowlett Creek
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This is my home town where I grew up, every year around February to March the Sandbas much like trout move up into creeks to breed. These are much larger types of fish and rather fun catching 10-30 of them in an hour. I want to go this year, when it starts to hit its peak. This guys really cute too, and GF not so much lol I miss home....

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New Photo Album Tonight: Vote
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Hello guys. I am going to post another Photo Album tonight and I want to know what you want to see. Write your selection in the comments below to cast your vote.

A) Twinks In Briefs

B) Twinks In Diapers

C) Bondage Twinks


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The College Boy
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That college boy attracted me very much.How can’t he? He was very handsome.Tall, White complexioned,  long face, curly hair, seducing eyes, and soft lips.His slim body was brimming with youthfulness.He and his friends were staying in a rented house which was next to my house.So I have ample opportunity for enjoying his beauty, at least with my eyes.When you have a handsome young man as your neighbor it is impossible for you to be not horny.Being health conscious he and his friends would do exercises in the morning on the terrace of their house.And it provided me a perfect view of his beauty.I have a rooftop garden and that was a convenient pretext for me to watch him exercising.When he does exercises my eyes would be focused on his crotch.The sweatpants he wore revealed the size and shape of his cock.If the covered cock looks so beautiful then how much beautiful it will look when naked.  As he bent and stretched his body, the bulge moved inside his pants.And that sight made me wild.How I wished I could caress his cock.He has a nice ass too.The beautifully shaped ass was visible through his sweatpants which was made wet by the workout.


My obsession with him made me even fetish that I would get aroused by seeing his underwears which were spread on the cloth line for drying.I pictured him wearing undies.When you can’t get sexual pleasure from the physical relationship you will turn to fetishes and fantasize.As I was seeing him every day my lust for him grew like a raging fire.


One day I was sitting in my room reading a book when the calling bell rang.I went to open the door.And when I opened the door I saw that college boy standing outside.He was in  T-shirt and white shorts.The charm of youth made him very attractive.I became horny.I smiled at him and he reciprocated.When he smiled his face looked very cute.I asked him  what he wanted and he replied that he wanted a ladder.As his presence made me horny I have an impulse to hug and kiss him.But I controlled myself.I told him to come with me.We went to the backside of the house where there is a shed in which I kept the ladder.I opened the door and we entered the shed.I took the ladder and gave it to him.The rays of the morning Sun were streaming through the small window of the shed.They fell on his face.His face looked bright and beautiful in the Sunlight.He was seducing.I was hot.He thanked me and was about to get out of the shed with the ladder.The heat of passion suddenly spread all over my body.I  caught his hand and pulled him towards me.The ladder fell down from his hand.My unexpected move shocked him.I embraced him hard.and tried to kiss him.I ran my fingers through his hair.I fondled him.I was hugging him like a madman.


‘’Uncle what are you doing?’’ he asked me with embarrassment and surprise as he tried to get free from my hold.


‘’ I love you.I can’t control anymore.You make me mad.’’My words stunned him because he realized that I was a gay.The horse of passion was galloping in me and therefore I was unable to say anything more.


I took off his T-shirt.Then my hands went down and reached his crotch.I pressed it hard.My touch woke up the sleeping cock.I could feel the thickness of it.I unzipped the shorts and pulled it down and it fell on his feet.He wore a white-colored underwear.The outline of his cock was visible through it.Though covered it looked more beautiful in the white undies.White undies are good for highlighting the beauty of the cock.By this time the initial shock and embarrassment left him and lust and passion made him their slave.A sexual encounter of this type may be strange to him.But he is a  youth who was made of flesh and blood.How can it be possible for him to sit lifeless when his hormones are pumping high?


I took off his undies too.The view of the au naturel Adonis was enchanting.His erected cock stood upright as the symbol of male beauty.It was big but not very big to make it monstrous.Monstrous cocks spoil the male beauty.The moderately big and taut balls hung down adding beauty to the cock.


My lust breached its bank.I went down on him.I mouthed his cock fully.That rode of flesh became harder and harder as I suck it.It was throbbing.My tongue snaked over it.I embraced it with my tongue and wrapped around it.He was writhing in pleasure.I pulled his balls and slid them inside the pouch and gently squeezed them.I became mad.Like a hungry man, I sucked his cock.While I sucked it he was thrusting it into my mouth fully by making a forward push of his waist.My sucking reached its maximum intensity and it became impossible for him to hold his load any longer.Then with a jerk of his body, he shot off his load into my mouth.It was a big load as he was young.The creamy sweet cum which gushed out of the opening of the cock flowed into my mouth and filled it like a stream.Like rain giving life to the parched land, the pure milk of the youth quenched my thirst.I drank it whole.The jism of a beautiful youth is the best drink.I looked at him.He was leaning against the wall with his eyes closed.The relief and pleasure of emptying his load were visible on his face.His cock became flaccid and hung down motionless.


We began the second round of our play.I made him stand to face the wall.Then I put my fingers into his ass hole and checked whether my cock can have a smooth ride in it.I held my cock close to his ass and began to slowly shove it into the ass hole.As the head of my cock touched the opening of the ass hole it began to expand to make way for the cock.When half of my cock entered iinto it I started fucking.And gradually I increased the speed.He stood facing the wall with his arms spread to the sides.As my cock explored the depth of his ass hole he began to moan.It was the moaning of pleasure.His moaning made me fuck him more intensely.I put my hands around his waist and drew him close to me.He turned his head and we kissed.Then I stroked his cock.We were surfing on the waves of sexual pleasure.At that moment I realized that nothing is more intoxicant than the body of a young man.



We continued fucking in several positions.Finally, I sat on a chair with him on my lap.He made an up and down movement with his ass and my cock went in and out of his ass hole.While doing this he was jerking.My fucking and his jerking reached its crescendo.And we both cummed: I inside his ass and him on my lap.My cum flowed out of his ass hole while his cum splashed on my thighs and streamed down.We were tired after the long play but our minds were carried away by the tide of joy.I looked at him.He lay in languor like a Greek god of beauty.We continued our relationship and enjoyed gay sex at its best.

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Do You Ever Say Things At The Spur Of The Moment
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Been going through a rough time the last few months, said things to friends, that i shouldnt have, I know that now, because I mailed them and wished them a Merry Christmas, and they didnt return the message. So I apologise to RD, Billy and Jerrod, hope you are all well, and to my sis, who I havent spoken to in well over 4 months, not her undoing just mine, dont know why, cant explain it. Admitting in public, I did wrong to my friends, I suppose its better out than in. Wish al my friends on here or elsewhere, all my love for the upcoming New Year. Love, Scott

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Any Suggestions On How To Cum Farther When Masturbating?
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Any suggestions on how to cum farther?     I know basic health things like staying hydrated keep up with a good seven hours of sleep a night, exercise, eat a healthy diet, and of course not ejaculating foe at least one day or more...but how many days to shoot one's farthest potential?   Any other ideas like taking it slow working one's self up a bit, maybe look at and watch some porn a bit if you are by yourself.    I sometimes also use a male ring vibrator on my penis.    

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The aftermath after the storm or say betrayal of a person who thought was a friend 

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What Is Not To Like
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Happy New Year
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New Year Is Cancelled
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cant cook, have to rest my arm, quiet time this new year for me, but still want to wish all my friends on here a fab time, love, Scott....................watch the arm...............lol

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^^wishing Everyone A Very Happy New Year
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May this be the best year of your lives :p

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Gay Stereotypes In 1931 Film
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What do you think about gay stereotypes used in films? Do you think they were fair from a social or a comical viewpoint?

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Do You Have Any Favourite Horror Movies?
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Which do you like the most, which ones scare you?


What are you earliest memories of watching horror?

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Mass Boys Looking For A Daddy
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any cute twinks looking for a daddy bear on the east coast?  So want to blow and rim a smooth twink! 

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Who Knew I Had A Blog
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Well, I was just trying to find some help or FAQ's and lo and behold discovered I have access to a blog as well. Thanks GBT for making that a part of the membership. So, I love looking at boys have gay sex. lol


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WhereisLOVE will not be able to access GBT for a while, but if someone wants to send him  a message to this email account he will answer it with pleasure.

His message or Spanish speakers, 'Estaré un tiempo ausente por motivos familiares de salud. No podré conectar con GBT pero responderé cualquier mensaje en [email protected]

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Hot Facial On Cam

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I Broke It
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idk what I did but it's posted loads HELP

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Hi, only just made this account so sorry if anything is wrong...


I just wondered if anyone on here loves homemade porn as much as me? Just something about seeing a guy in a selfie with a snapchat caption just gets me going!


Am I only in thisjQuery182030251862376405825_1514656639303?

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Boat Boi
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Shower Time
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Why Don't All My Pics And Vids Gat Approved?
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I've tried posting many more pictures and videos, but they don't get approved I guess because they never show up.


Some of the pictures are already on the site, but I have other ones from the same set, so I try posting the collection, but they don't show up?


Same with vids, they are ones that shouldn't be "controversial", but they don't get approved and I had a completely G-rated one removed.


What up with that?

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Sucking Cock
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I love how he gobbles up every drop.

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