Carving Up Pools And Park Benches Before You Were Even Born.
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the three gangsters that pioneered vert skating in pirated dry pools in SoCal in the late 70s - in the process became rock star legends from the infamous Dog Town Stacy Peralta - Jay Adams -Tony Alva



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Blue Speedo Bulge
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What Is Wrong With People
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The other day I was chillin in the ,ocal library durring the day when kids are in school it is very peaceful but when the kids get out they all com here and hang out the lther day a group of teen boys and girls were sitting at the table next to me, I could not  elieve my ears at what I was hearing. One girl saying she can't wait to loose her virginity and a boy who was sitting next to a girl with ner hand down his pants jerking him off while the others watched. What the f is wrong with todays youth to be so brainless to do stuff like that in public, If their parents only knew they would be in deep shit.

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Bi Vs Gay
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Do more guy say they bi or gay. Me im bi and loving it
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My Late Night Ride
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A few nights ago my friend and his lil brother came by my house and picked me up. We stayed out real late and it was so crazy. My friend has a an old four wheel drive pick up truck with black windows . It's great cus no one can look in. My friend pulled over to pee when he got back in the truck he was but naked , he told his lil brother to do the same and he did taking off all his clothes. After about a half hour they convinced me to get naked  and I did. My friend wanted me to give him head while he was driving and I loved it. He never said he was about to nut he just blew his cum in my mouth. His lil brother was hard and horny and asked if I wanted to do him. He is 16 and totally hot so I jumped on his offer . It felt like I was sucking his dick forever but it was great and I totally enjoyed it cause we were driving on the highway at night nude and no one could see us . While I was sucking off his lil bro I heard voices and noticed we were not moving so I looked up and noticed we were at a gas station getting gas. I continued to give his lil brother head and as he cracked the driver's side window to pay for the gas his lil brother blew a huge load in my mouth when I looked up cun all over my face and mouth the kid at the gas station saw me and smiled.

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This Guy.. Is 51... Yes Please!
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OMG.. that is all I can say about that.  Meet Chuando Tan...  Yes PLEASE!

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2017 Turns To 2018
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So the year is ending and three things hasn't changed

1) I still haven't had a boyfriend, so 33 years single

2) Still never been kissed

3) Still a virgin

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how do i look?

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Ok So I Know He's A Little Old For Most On Here And Some Might Object... But Macaulay Culkin
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Is looking pretty damn good these days.  A few years off heroin, a haircut and a shave and a little weight put on the last couple of years and he's looking like a pretty good grown up version if that adorable boy.  

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So Whats The Problem
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I just turned 19 in November and I get alot of negative comments from some of my gay and str8 buddies cuz of what I do. Since I was 12 I would jerk off every night when mom went to bed and now that I am older I have realized that all those times I jerked off all I ever got was a few minutes of self gratification and that was it. For the past four years I would accept money from horny old men that wanted to watch me strip and jerk off while they watch. The first time I did it I was totaly nervouse and affraid my mom would find out but when I saw and realized how happy the old men where to watch and how their face would light up when I busted my nut in their hand I felt proud that I not only make them happy but I made some cash for my wallet. I don't feel that what I am doing is wrong at all and I love doing it so why do my boys give me so much crap about it. Am I wrong in what I am doing , do I need to see a shrink,  please guys give me your thoughts on this.

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Record Breaking Day At Gbt
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For the first time GBT has passed 200,000 visits in a day, and became a majority mobile community. I thank you all Merry Christmas 

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Something Different
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Look at "My Favorites"  video clips. There is one called "Me Jerking Off" that shows the guys balls retreating into his abdomen. Only 35 seconds, a real turn on for me. I like a bit of kink!

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Wish To All My G B T Friends A Merry Christmas, Full Of Joy And Love !
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Gbt Chat
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Miss the chat room some place to socialize with people with the same likes get to net work maybe even someday meet people bring back the chat

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An Age Old Question
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Boxers or Briefs?
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Hot Men 50
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Merry Christmas Everyone! Sorry We Haven't Posted Back Or Uploaded Recently.
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If you've been to our page you'll know why.  We just did a quick hello here and Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whichever suits you.  We've been busy and f you've visited our page you'll know why.  We'll be back soon (we hope) and in the meantime Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Josh and Bran.



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This For My Friends Who Have Left
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Wishing you all a very merry Christmas...................................Thomas,Joel,Jon,RD,Billy,Jerrod,Alan,Brian,Steve,Jordan,Sam, Chris, Dave603, Kent, and apologies if I have missed your name. sent with love from my heart, Scott

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Merry Christmas to all you great guys that are my friends and those that visit my profile xxx

And to all my future friends on here, Merry Christmas to you all too xxx

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Alone At Christmas
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Cant go home, can’t stay in dorm. Guess I’ll be here through Christmas. Thank you GBT yes u are my family.

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First Visit To Thailand - 1989
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First Visit to Thailand - 1989

First time I came to Thailand it was on a 14 day Cathay Pacific tour. Three days in Bangkok then Pattaya.

My initial impressions were the same. Heat, humidity, smelly and sweaty. It's not going to be fun. The tour booked me a single at the 3 star Asia Hotel. The room was unbelievably small with a bed smaller than a twin size. Each floor had a sharp-eyed matron that sat at a desk beside the elevator. How could you have fun herejQuery182080956488206759_1514222383905

I had read Sparticus travel book and memorized the gay area of Pat Pong. During the day I went to look for the gay bars but, of course everything looks different during the day. At night (8:00pm) I ended up in the girly bar area...nervous and lost. The gay books had warned not to go with a "tout" (brothel guide) but when one interogated me and discovered if I wanted a young Thai, desperation won over caution. We walked a long way to a bar and went in. It was too early and there were only a couple of boys there neither of which appealed to me. The tout suggested another bar so I paid the exorbitant bill and off we went.

We came to the top of a soi where the tout turned. I stopped. The lane was very dark. I asked where? He pointed to a sign glimmering far down the soi. Everything told me, "NO", except my groin which had taken over common sense. We arrived at Lucky 7 Boy Bar and went up the narrow stairs. The room was so dark except for the stage where 9 of the most gorgeous specimens of youth danced in their white briefs.

The tout led me to a couch and drinks were ordered. I was mezmerised by the beauty of the inparticular...number 11. He smiled at me and I smiled back and he immediately jumped off the stage and plunked himself down next to me. He took my hand an placed it on his thigh and I was in paradise. My breathing was so shallow, I felt a constriction in my chest. This can't be real. Nothing in the world was smoother or softer than his skin. His hands, his sniff kisses, his body movements, his endearments, transported me. I would have sold my soul immediately if the devil had promised this moment would last.

The tout asked if I wanted to "off" the boy and take him to a room upstairs. Yes! YES! YES! Oh but how much. He talked with the mamasan then said it would be 2000 bhat...everything included, off fee, room, drinks. Not the tip for the boy.

Now I had read not to take more money with you than you planned to spend. Also I had read the typical cost for a boy was 800 baht and had only brought a little more than that. Why was it so expensive? (1989) "Do you take Visa?", I asked meekly.

Oh, the disappointment. We finished the drinks. I paid for the drinks. I reluctantly let go of the boy and gave him a small tip and I went out into the dark soi - shattered...searching for a cold shower. The tout took the rest of my money for services rendered.

The next night I was back at Lucky7 at opening with my wallet bulging. When I entered the room, number 11 raced over and embarrassed me in a most erotic way. My ego soared to unheard of heights as well as other parts. We took up where we left off the night before. I told the mamasan I wanted the to off the boy and reminded her of the 2000 baht fee. She stared for a moment then said, "Oh. oh yes...that's right".

Upstairs the room was very dark. We shower together then took to bed and it was glorious. I think I was 5 seconds away from a major heart attack when we both "finished". We cuddled for an additional 20 minutes before showering and returning to the bar.

When we sat down another gorgeous boy sat with us. I became the center of an erotic sandwich. Number 11 introduce is friend and asked if I wanted to off him. Without hesitation, I said "Yes" and up the stairs we be damned...heart attack be damned...anyway, I had sold my soul the night before.

Too soon it came time to pay the bill. I picked up the cup and the boy grabbed the bill to total it up. He hesitated then showed it to his friend. They both frowned at me. "Paeng mak".  He whispered to me what the drinks, the off and the room should cost. When the mamasan came over, I gave her 2000 baht. She argued, but I said the bar was ripping me off and the 2000 was more than enough...or maybe the tourist police could mediate. She acquiessed.

I over tipped the boys and said a sorrowful goodbye because the next day the tour took me to Pattaya and surely nothing could compare to my experience at Lucky 7 Bar.

I was wrong! But nothing will erase every detail of that night in Lucky 7 and my first Thai love, number 11.

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