Apartment Decorating Faux Pas
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When I first moved into my new apartment a year ago, a lovely Thai named Jay moved in also. He was a great kid and was excited as I was to participate in decorating the one room studio. Every time either of us went out, we usually came home with something for the place. One time he returned with 2 beautiful candles for the headboard shelf. This went on for a couple of weeks.

I know almost every Thai home has a picture of the king prominently displayed. I down loaded several pictures of the king relating to his people. I bought a frame to mount a collage of the pictures. Jay walked in as I was about to crop some of the pictures to better fit their place in the frame. He was horrified. "Can not cut pictures of king". I tried to explain that I wasn't cutting the king, only extraneous things. One of those extraneous things, Jay pointed out, happened to be the queen. I waited until he wasn't around to crop the pictures and, later, he was very happy with the result but not where I put the frame, high up beside the front door. "What's wrong", I asked. "King looking into toilet" The frame was facing the doorway to the washroom and that was not good. We moved the picture.

A few nights later Jay seemed distant - not his usual free expression self. No sex that night. Nor the next. The following night I was a little insistent. He cuddled and as I lowered his briefs he pulled the sheet over us. He did the same the next night as if he was shy or embarrassed of his nakedness. Finally I asked him what's wrong. He pointed to the little golden Buddha I had bought and placed on the high shelf opposite the bed. "Buddha watching!" I got up and moved the Buddha to a place where he couldn't see the bed and all was right with the world.

Getting to know Thai beliefs and customs is a wonderful journey.

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Today At Work.....
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At my job I see a lot of people. We have many clients. I get much eye candy. I wear sunglasses to scope out the hot guys. Today I did something very unprofessional. This lady with her drop dead gorgeous hunk of teen meat needed my assistance. He was tall with chestnut eyes and he wore a tight t-shirt and jeans. He had a nice chest and a cute little butt. I took my sunglasses off because I didn't want anything to obstruct my view. He caught me crotch-watching and I winked at him! I never did anything like that at work before, I just couldn't help myself. He blushed and I think I did too


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Call Me By Your Name
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The Gay Models Who Made Me The Horniest
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 Sammy Martins

The smile.That’s what makes Sammy Martin my favorite gay model.His smile is both innocent and seducing.He is skinny which also makes him beautiful.Skinny boys have a lovely cock because of the leanness of their body.Sammy Martin’s smile shows that factors down the male body are not the only turn-ons.



Ayden James

With a very attractive face, Ayden James is a perfect gay model.The long hair and the eyes which seem to be intoxicated make him very sexy.His beautiful lips invite us to kiss.He has a slim body.The cock is of moderate shape and therefore looks beautiful.In the fucking scenes, his seductive face shows the lust in its full intensity.


Matt is a very handsome gay model who was featured in the East Boys videos.The child-like innocence is the striking feature of his face.I haven’t seen such a feature in any other models.His eyes are very beautiful.The cuteness of face and the loveliness of cock needn’t be present in equal measure in many gay models.But Matt is one of the few models who has these two factors in perfect balance.In size and shape, his cock is very beautiful.Both in flaccid and erected positions the cock is a feast for our eyes.But I like his erected cock which is gorgeous.With the cute face and a lovely cock, Matt is very horny in the fucking scenes.




 Jamie Sanders

 The beauty of the male body is in abundance in Jamie Sanders.He has a more feminine look.In fact it adds to his beauty.His body is soft.The cock is thick but not long.But in the erected position it’s very beautiful.Rather than the cock, it’s the ass which makes  Jamie Sanders beautiful.The soft and cheese-like ass cheeks are tempting.Jamie makes the fucking scenes very intense and beautiful with his performance.In the fucking scenes, we see a Jamie who is burning in the fire of lust.


Lenny Sea


The Enigmatic Boys model Lenny is very horny.The masculine beauty is visible in Lenny with all its intensity.His eyes have a sharp and seductive look.The thick lips make his face more attractive.He is really a cocky boy.In the erected position the cock becomes rock hard and shows its beauty at its best.His ass is also equally attractive.The beautifully shaped ass is very provocative.




Jake Diamante

The right proportion of masculinity and physical beauty make Jake Diamante a handsome and horny gay model.He is tall and slim both of which contribute to his physical beauty.When he smiles it gives cuteness to the face.His cock is very lovely both in size and shape.A nice ass completes his physical beauty.He is very horny in the fucking scenes where we can see how a beautiful male body becomes more beautiful when combined with lust.

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Guy Cock Cage
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Anyone used one? Comfortable? Which design would you recommend? Thanks.

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A Hug For You
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Haters Make Me Famous (read It)
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Okee i gonna tell you my Storie (It was this week)

I was busy on GBT last Tuesday and I was 7:00PM In the evening. I was done with work in the factory (I was a little bit tired.)
I Upload videos and doing my work as the same time with the other days.

Suddenly I received a message (unknown).
And that he wrote:

Person: Hello KennyTeenBoy or Failed Person what I'd rather say to you.
Me: euuhh hello. What did wrong to you?
Person: Yes anything and everything here on GBT. You are the worst member ever.. I Don't like your page and its disgusting.
and i gonna tell you this: You are the sickest person I what I know.
Me: I'm sorry do I know you?
Person: Yes... And i gonna kick your out on GBT.

Me: oke.. good luck?
Person: I'm not done with this.. I will take revenge on you. I Make a the best page you will every see.
Me: Good luck with this. But.. I Have friends who are behind me and always help me when I'm in trouble. Soo where are you friends than?
Person: I have much more friends and I become the populair member at all. And people on GBT must respect me.
Me: Respect must earn you... And I have no respect for you.
Person: HAHAHAHHAHA.. I DOnt care. Soon you will disappear here. Don't worry it will happen soon.

Me: Why do you hate me. I are reason for this?
Person: Yes.. So much.. You think you are the most populair person here on GBT
Me: eeuhh no.. I Dont wanna be the popularizes member here. I'm upload videos every day and thats is the reason that I on 1# on the community..
and.. why do you think becoming the most popular member here?
Person: I will see.. Goodbye and I hope you disappear quickly here.. Don't worry.. It  will happen soon.. Bye Sickest person what I know...

I Don't know what his name is (I was busy with other things).. Its probably a noob or very jealous on me..

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messge me in my inbox to exchange snaps

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Sorry.. I Feel Unhappy.. No Post And No Vids For The Few Day's
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Hello GBT Friends.. My uncle died yesterday on 11 o'clock in the evening (dutch time) and he has cancer over his hole body..
Sunday on 8 October was my last visit to see him and I say goodbye to him for the last time.

He was my favorite uncle.. When I was a little boy I spend a few days in the summer vacation..  
My Uncle and Aunt was very happy to see me.. Every time I come to stay, he tells about his sheeps and his garden.. 
We often went to his sheeps and to his big garden with vegetables and fruits..

Now he is gone in a better place.. with no pain anymore..
I miss him..

I Want to say: Thanks for the Wonderfull times that we spend 


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I Feeling Verry Sick Today
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I have headache and my tummy hurts so bad. 

I hope veel better towmorrow and upload videos and post a picture on your wall. 

Im sorry for this. 🤢🤢🤒🤕


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I’m So Sick. I’m In The Hospital
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Im in the Hospital now

Hello friends



last Wednesday I said I was sick. I am now in the hospital for my throat and lungs. I cough so hard now that the lungs and throat are very and overloaded.   I will not be online again in the coming days.    

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Update #1: The Operation Has Failed (kennyteenboy)
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Hello GBT friends. Let me introduce myself . My name is Xander (I’m KennyTeenBoy is best friend and he is like a brother for me). 

Well i take over Kennyteenboy account for a short time. I hope you accept that. 

Kenny is in the hospital at the moment for his troath and lungs. It’s not looking good with him. The Operation is failed and the doctor said that the operation om Saturday begins again. 

Kenny cannot talk anymore and the lungs are overloaded. He must stay more than one week in the hospital for the operation and the recover.  If he coughs, the blood comes out his mouth.

i hope that the doctors can help him  he is the most loved person in his state and here  and we dont lose him  

before the operation says Kenny: i gonna miss you all. GBT is one big Family and i dont wanna lose you. Im sorry for this. I still love you

that was the last words from Kenny before the operation started. 

Kenny gives hos username and password to me. Because i gonna upload vids for him. So thats why im here. I have no GBT account here but he explain everything and how its works. 

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Update #2. The First Operation Is Successfull
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Hello. im Xander and we have great news for you and for Kenny. 

The first operation for his lungs are successfull. But we are nOt done. The second operation is for his troath (the first one is failed). 

Kenny cant talk but on his face is he happy. Towmorrow start the operation for his troath and hopely is it done. 

Kenny miss you all and he write on a paper. He is also thankfull to pray for his operation. 

Thank you for you support. Let’s pray towmorrow for his second and hopely last operation. 


greetings Xander

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The Final Update: Operation Successful
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Hello GBT Friends (I'm Xander)

Saturday and Sunday is the operation(s) succes.
There are dificult operations. 
Last Sunday Kenny had to do 2 operations 2 times 4 hours (4x2 = 8 hours) for his troath.

Nothing could go wrong. 1 mistake and Kenny can never talk again.
Well the good news is that Kenny can talk slowly again.

Kenny comes Wednesday at home and he will take over his account
Well this is it.

I'm leaving not for good !! 
I Would like to thanks everyone that you have supported (pray)
Kenny is every emotional at the moment en he saids: GBT = my one big family



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Sick (verry Sick🤢)
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I want to say to

my friends

im really sick today 

update 16 November 

Im in the Hospital now

Hello friends

last Wednesday I said I was sick. I am now in the hospital for my throat and lungs. I cough so hard now that the lungs and throat are very and overloaded.   I will not be online again in the coming days.

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Cute Faces ?
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Pit Stop?
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First time I thought I might be gay?  When looking at my mates arm pit hair made me so hard I wanted to sniff and lick them... Is that normal or am I a pit freak?  LOL  

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Bugger! finals really suck....  Depressing time of year!

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So What Did He Do?
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Full Metal Elf
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Cheap Warmane Outland Gold
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So we should total up what's next for Legion before the following extension, Battle for Azeroth, apparently drops at some point in the fall of 2018. You essentially have Antorus Mythic movement or LFR to engage you right on time in the year, at that cheap Warmane Outland gold point the scaling changes are desiring the level 1-60 encounter - permitting you more opportunity when leveling alts (interchange characters). 


It makes sense that since Blizzard has been so inflexible about supporting Legion more than Draenor that there may be a light assault (like Trials of Valor) notwithstanding some more story content driving into the new huge Horde versus Alliance engagement. I've been entirely happy with how they've taken care of it up until now, so I will approve of taking a couple of cheap Warmane Outland gold months off all over until the point that the following hotness drops.

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This One Is For The Boys.
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 For all the boys who think they weigh too much, for all the boys who try their hardest to reach their goal weight, for all the boys that still have a long way to go. It’s for all of them who reached their goal weight and who are in recovery right now, and for all the guys who have a huge struggle trying to recover. For all the boys who are told their eating disorder isn’t real, who think they aren’t valid, for all the guys who are told they should ‘just eat and get over it’. For everyone who ever got told that their depression isn’t real and they are just making shit up for attention. It’s also for all the boys, whether they are trans or cis, who look in the mirror and see things that ‘shouldn’t be there’; stretch marks, scars, feminine features. For all the boys that never get enough support, because an ED is seen as something only girls can suffer from: YOU ARE VALID, YOU ARE REAL AND YOU’RE FUCKING WORTH IT.   


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The Japanese Boy Chapter 4
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Chapter four.

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Posting Pics On Wall
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I know, you're tired of getting this same old question, but can someone please, as a Christmas present to me, explain in Data for Dummies terms, how to upload an image on my fucking wall. 

IOn the other hand, maybe I shouldn't as all my twinks look under 18 but they're NOT. I've been banned by other sites for having posted over 18's because they look young. Anyway can someone help and I'll send you a big kiss.

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Sent With Feeling And Love
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from me to all my friends

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Thinking Of Maybe Leaving
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Been thinking of it over the last few weeks, the place is not the same,or maybe its me that has changed, would miss my dear close friends, which I have made since I arrived here. Some are still here and some take days off, and some have left. There is a friend, whose life has changed and he has got older, he takes breaks of days, maybe I could do that, dont know. GBT is in my blood,I know if I dont delete, I will just logon as in habit, not as in goodwill anymore. Dont want my friends to think I dont care about them, I do [tears in my eyes as I type], Maybe its because I have been working a lot, I honestly dont know, I dont feel down or anything like that, just the opposite, I am looking forward to my holidays. Just wanted to say this, maybe getting it off my mind in telling you all, it will help. I feel I belong to a big family to most of you, you continually give me advice, you have been there when I went through some downtimes and all, and you have made me smile on countless moments too............I thought about whether I should do this............but heyho.......I wear my heart on my sleeve as you all know. love, Scott

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I know how some people feel about this kind of topic, but I wanna hear your thoughts on gay twincest?

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Cristiano Ronaldo, The World's Best Football Player... And He's Portuguese !
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Cristiano Ronaldo, the world's best football player... and he's portuguese !



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What A Gay Cake Looks Like When Ordered From A Canadian Bakery
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When you go into a Canadian bakery and order a "Gay looking cake" this what you get w/o any hassle.


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I Have A (new) Job!
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It's been a while. Due to mental health problems having a life and jobs is difficult. But early July I got a job. And doing very well in it. Already getting paid 50 pence an hour more than the others. It's cleaning in a school..whoooaa. cleaning seems to be the only job I'm good at. And because I'm really good at it my boss has already started to give me privileges- giving me other work she wouldn't trust with any of the other workers. So I'm making more money. 

Recently I was given another job after the school and it's working in brioche pasquires,  they of course, if you know,  are a french company that make  brioche and such things. There also boxes fulled with bags of them which you can eat when you want or take home.

basically it's helping to distract from my problems, but not fixing, and I make over £1000  a month from those two jobs alone.  

Anyway. Thoughts would be nice.

finally got Internet back today. After a long time, 

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