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i discovered people here are not very willing to texting. why is that?

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Was Thinking
Austinpscottt Blog Added 31 days ago 258 views 11 comments Post Comment

about leaving, dont feel anything, I know I still have friends here, I am not being melodramatic, just thnking

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Was Doing A Bit Of Thinking
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was thinking of leaving or just giving the place a break at the begining of the new year, dont think anybody will miss me, not just this site, in the whole, I have missed all my friends that have left, they dont even want to keep in touch, so maybe make a clean break from everybody, maybe take up a hobby or something. Scott

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Problem With Videos Editing
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I wanted to modificate titles of some videos uploaded be me, but it seems impossible.

When on my wall I click "edit"  I can change title of video, but can't save the changes, as the "save" botton is immediately covered by advertisement.

Is there any way to edit my videos?

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Hi all this is my first blog as I am a bit of a slow learner. Thanks to all those who have accepted as friends and I am really enjoying the content of this great site. Is there anyway I can post a message to all those in my friends list at once?

Anyways nice to meet you all and I hope I can learn more how to do things here. Love to all and Merry Xmas 😘😘🎅

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How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?
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Anyone want to be part of a GBT competition? Possible start of a new GBT Olympics? 

Hold your breath as long as you can, time it and put your best time on here.

I expect honesty.

And you can try as many times as you like

I've done it twice so far ,my best time is 1 minute and 1 second.

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Fuck Craigslist Personals.
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I am so GDMF tired of Craiglist personals' liars.  Everyone reads what he wants, no one wants what my freaking ad actually asks for.  Every few months or so, I turn into my evil twin and post a sarcastic sardonic poop-bomb on the MM ads sections in my area.  Here's my newest, highly enlightened one (the writing for which I was of course totally sober), put in several sections simultaneously.


And, discuss amongst yourselves.  (Or just yawn.)  Fucking bunch of married cheaters is all it is.


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Posts From Troye....
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I used to read every night in bed as a kid, n then i got a phone and had to read stuff i wasn't interested in for school n completely fell off the train 😓

but recently ive been forcing myself to read and im loving it so much again and it's making me so happy!!!

it's all in book choice. i literally read Call Me By Your Name in 6 hours bc it was gorgeous (and i was tryna read fast to get to the sex scenes) and it made me realise i still got it!!

Moral of the story: Try pick up a book. Force yourself to read like 20 pages and then see if you can put it down. If you can, it might not be the right book for ya. Also, I put my phone away n that helps

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My New Video
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What do u guys think of me do u think I'm good or horrible please let me know also please leave ur age

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Speaking For Myself, There Is Nothing More Beautiful Then A Naked Young Man...
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 What are your favorite beautiful naked young men photos.  Please share them here... 
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Anyone Want To Cum?
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Hi all great GBT people. Will anyone contact me via my email for friendship and fun? I am alone all winter break as my mates have went home for the Holiday. How do i overcome this loneliness? I am shy so no bars or hook ups or anything like that. Maybe a few new good real friends on here will do. I will share if you do. I think I am just grabbing at the stars. anyway i wish you all out there all the LOVE the WORLD has to offer this Holiday season. I hope none of you are alone because it sucks and if you are lets talk. JJ (I am good at helping guys get off with me)

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Waiting 😍
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I Slept More Than 20 Hours Today ...
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I slept more than 20 hours today, after a hard week at my university. When I woke up, my teddy was next to me. But how did he get there?




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Just Want To Say Hello !
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I am very happy to be here and make friends !

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I Know When I'm Licked...
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... all over 


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one of my favorites from modelteenz


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How Old Do You Like?
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Hi dude! How old do you prefer the most for teens?

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I am in school and because of a family crisis I will be all alone this break plus i have to do my rotations/work. I just found this out today and am bummed. I have a few friends but as i am kinda nerdy not to many. i also do sports (soccer) so i am not a complete nerd just very dedicated to learning. Plus all my friends will be gone this Holiday and i do not have a BF and my JO buddies are back home in another country. WHAT DO I DO? I have never done this thing "cruising" and i am scared to. I am not really the one night stand type of guy and that may be because of my inexperience and honestly fear plus i am shy because i am not big down there. Any advice? Do I just stay at home and JO to porn? I do not know the bar scene as i have just turned 21. Do i try cruising or maybe some other guys on here that i share interests with will help me through this rough and 'HARD" time? If you want e-mail me and maybe things will not be so lonely. JJ

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How Long Can You Hold Off From Ejaculating And Having An Orgasm?
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How long can you hold off from ejaculating sperm and semen all out of your penis and having an orgasm?

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Chat On This Site
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anyone know whats up are they gonna make chat rooms 


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alright...I get it. Some of you have nothing better to do but check this website 100 times a day so you create drama so your life is more interesting. I get it...it's cool. Just leave me out of it. I wrote a huge ass blog post about it just now, but it came off as kinda mean...or well, it accidentally could have come off that way so I deleted it...


I just get that you guys like to throw shade at each other...and I get that I'm not a part of your guys main "clique" so I'll always be on the other side or whatever...I'm just tired of all the made up drama thats all u﹏u;;


I'd ask you to leave me out of it...but i have sev times before and it doesn't do anything. It's really hard to not feed the trolls here. Even when I try or wanna explain stuff no matter what I'm going to end up feeding them so I'm just gonna stop.


Maybe I'll leave the site? (not looking for pity lol since no one here likes me anyway)...well that's not true i actually know a lot of chill ppl here i call friends and have been nice to me that i hang with off site ♥ but yeah i'm sure some of you will like that I'm gone. Which is cool...cause I'm kinda sick of the haters anyway...well a lil tired anyway


you guys could try being nicer to each other tho 💙 i get all the drama feeds the pleasure centers of your brain...but is it worth it? ~ I don't think so

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Record Me On Skype?
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Anyone wanna record me on Skype? Make a video we can both post?

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Down On The Farm
Mophead2009 Blog Added 34 days ago 149 views 9 comments Post Comment


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Breaking Fake News
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It appears that Doug Jones has narrowly defeated accused child molester Judge Roy Moore in the race for Alabama's Senate seat, confirming the hope that there are some people with morals left in Alabama.  Moore, in his usual respectful and reasoned way, contritely conceded the election and thanked those who supported him, especially all those 14 year old girls in his fan club affectionately known as "Judge Roy's Juniors". Unfortunately, do to this unexpected loss, the judge Roy victory celebration fan club sleepover at Moore's house has been cancelled. His wife, however was less demure as she blamed the loss on "that damned Jewish lawyer" and yelled "you're fired Saul, goddamned fired, I knew we couldn't trust a man with no foreskin"! When asked about the foreskin comment, she replied "please, there are some things a southern lady just refuses to discuss in public,but when your husband is preoccupied with 14 year olds, a lady has to do something to occupy her time"! Moore did mention that he was contacting Alabama state legislators to see if they could convene a special session to adopt the electoral college system of vote counting for Alabama instead of the popular vote method, and make it retroactive to last year, since it seemed to work so well for Donald Trump.  Moore also questioned his campaign committee's decision to use Herman's Hermits' Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter from the 1960's as their campaign theme song.  While Moore made no specific comment on his plans for the future, sources close to Moore predicted he will go back to valiantly fighting against LGBTQ rights, minorities rights and the rights of anyone who is different from him and doesn't own a gun and a horse, and of course, building his database of 14 year old girls. 


At Senator-elect Jone's campaign headquarters he thanked the voters, his supporters and campaign workers and had a very heartfelt and grateful "THANK YOU" to Donald Trump for his vocal support of Moore.  Many pundits and political analysts agree that Trump's support weighed greatly on the outcome of this election.  FNN staff.

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Do You Think This Video Is Hot?
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Love the hands free cum and brother on brother...what do you think mom said the next morning?


Caught! by MoM

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Google Chrome Sucks At Pulling Up Pictures!
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And the same goes for all other browsers. The only exception seems to be firefox. You have tons of browsers that look and feel more up to date, yet they can't offer the same ease to pull up a pic like firefox can? Why can't they? Why must a picture that's 2048 x 1536 be 512 x 384 when i right click to open it? I never got that problem in firefox.

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Hat wer aus Wien Lust sich mit mir zu treffen? Z.B. irgendwo auf einer Toilette. Ich trinke Deine Pisse, lutsche Deinen Schwanz hart und wenn Du magst, kannst Du mich ficken

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🚨🛑 Need Help/open For Commissions 🛑🚨
Shotabo Blog Added 35 days ago 772 views 25 comments Post Comment


Hiyo everyone!

So some of you may know me and some of you may not yet. I kinda keep to myself and a few friends around here since I'm kinda a shy person. Even tho I always like talking with and meeting new ppl, my stupid timidness makes it hard for me to branch out sometimes. But anyway, if you don't know me yet, my names Shota-bo and I like to draw hentai. 


If you don't know what that means, it means I like to draw adult art. It's kinda my passion and I've been doing it for the past couple years and (I think) have gotten pretty good at it. It's something I've always done since pretty much middle school and then started to take it more seriously in high school. I won't get too much into that, but it's what I want to do in life and I want to follow the path of a lot of my idols and become the next Josman, Patrick Fillion, Oliver Frey(aka Zack or Clint), Po-Ju and even Tom of Finland. 


I like to draw mostly shota and loli (younger characters, both boy and girl), but pretty much draw everything. Whether it's hentai, yaoi, or even futanari. I didn't make this blog to talk a lot about myself, but wanted to just kinda give an intro into to ppl who don't know me yet before I say I'm open for commissions. I'm also opening commissions here first (exclusively for the moment) before any of my other sites since this community has always been so awesome. ♥


● Why should I commission you/what's so fun about art commissions anyway?

There's many answers to this question. If you like art but like the ability to bring your imagination to life, then that's reason number one for sure. But commissioning art is actually super fun I think. Especially the way I like to talk with my customers and do things. I've drawn for a few people on this site here and there (mostly for friends), all who are proverbial virgins when it comes to art collabs and commissions and they have all serious fallen in love with the idea. Pretty much each one said the exact same thing which is "holy crap I had no idea this even existed! It's so f*cking fun!" lol

To explain it, it's kind of like being your own porn director in a way. You get to come up with the characters (or use characters and people from shows, cartoons, books or games you like that already exist), the situations they are in, etc. I kinda take things a step further and encourage people to make their own characters. It's kinda like creating your own porn star in a way. Their background can be as shallow or detailed as you want, but no matter the depth it's always super fun. It's a pretty common thing in the hentai/art community (and furry community especially) for people to make their own characters, but not everyone does it. Not only can you have your characters fuck each other in all kinds of situations you come up with, but you can also have them fuck (or be fucked by) other peoples characters (or again characters from shows, games, books, whatever).

Not everyone does that and you can always simply ask for a simpler picture of just a blonde twink being fucked by a gang of guys with huge cocks, or Peter Pan getting pounded by another Disney stud or whatever. But the options are out there and any kind of commission is always fun.


 What can I commission?


I've been addicted to porn and roleplaying online since I was like 7 or 8 years old, so I've become pretty kinky. Anything you like or are into I'm probably okay with. It takes a lot to offend me and even if I don't like it personally, I'm usually pretty cool with whatever you have in mind. And pretty much nothing is that outrageous. The cool thing about hentai is you can do a lot of stuff that you can't do or would be otherwise impossible in real life. If you're not sure about any kind of kink or fetish or are worried something might be too hardcore, just ask me and I'll let you know whether I'm cool with it or not. Again, I probably am. ^‿^


I can draw it all. From the most vanilla/softcore to some really hardcore stuff. Anything from two cute boys cuddling in the nude, to being raped by a pack of muscular were-wolves.


● How does commissioning work?


It's really easy. You tell me what you want, and I sketch it for you. I show you the sketch and you tell me if there's anything you'd like changed or fixed. For instance if you want the cock bigger, or a characters hair longer or shorter, or be more muscular, etc. Then I fix what you want and finish the drawing (I can do animations too btw) and send it off to ya. Whether you're looking for a nice piece of art or your own personal porn pic. Or even a hot or artsy gift for a friend.


If you're into making your own character (they are called OC's in the community) that's where even more fun can begin. I'll basically messaged back and forth with you (preferably over something like Skype or Discord since it's faster, but e-mail works fine too) and help you create your own character (or characters). You decide their age, looks, personality, fetishes, etc and I help you create them to exactly how you imagine them. Then once your character or characters are created you can put them in all kinds of situations with your own or even other peoples characters. It's super fucking hot and fun, and like I said a lot of the first timers to art commissions minds are blown by it and they have a ton of fun. Some peoples characters even become fan favorites or like porn celebrities in the community! And people start requesting more of that character to be drawn or want their characters to fuck or be fucked by them, etc! If you're not sure about it or have any more questions on it, message me and I can explain anything you're curious about. Heck, you can even fuck my character who is based off me and stuff with yours if you wanted lol. ^ᴥ^ ♥


Example: You come up with, and I help you design to life John Doe. After that character is established, from then on out you can request John Doe to be in tons of situations. Like getting caught by his mom masturbating and fucking her, or getting fucked by his classmates or in some alley, etc. Some people online might even see John Doe (this can be a pretty common thing) and think "whoa he's so fucking hot and has a huge cock or perfect ass or whatever" and request their character to fuck or be fucked by them (if they do, it's almost like you get a commission for free), or even just request that more art of John Doe is drawn. Just a simple example. And if you ever wanted your character off-limits, that's perfectly fine too of course. ~ ♪


● Why are you opening commissions?


I've had commissions closed for a while because I share a comp with my dad and cousin who use it for work. I've been saving up for my own, so I can draw in my room, and lately my dad and cousin haven't been on the comp as much. She's done with school and my dad has been spending more time at his gfs, so I get more time on the comp to draw what I want without having to worry about anyone being around or trying to hide my porn. I'm also doing them here first because of how awesome and nice everyone has always been to each other. So I know I can probably count on you guys. ♥


💕 Also, I'm in need of money right now (not only to save for my comp), but I made a couple of irl friends this year and I'd really like to buy them some Christmas gifts to show how much they mean to me and thank them. 💕


● How much are they?


Commission prices vary depending on the amount of detail and characters. Mostly they are around $40-50 USD for two characters, but I will be taking 20% off this week only for any first timers. That's about $10 off, so this week you can get one starting anywhere from $30 to 40. When you add more characters (for like a gangbang or orgy) or request highly detailed backgrounds that can add another 5 to 10 dollars each. It all depends, but they are fairly cheap. Especially compared to other artists who's prices start sometimes at 80 or 100 dollars. Sometimes even more.


🕵️ Privacy is not an issue. Everything is between you and me only. If you're art is ever shared or if you'd like it to be shared anyonymously, I'll simply never tell them who the art was for or who the character belongs too. And you know you can trust me, because I've been on this site for almost a year and I've never said anything about who I've drawn for or anything about my friends on here this entire time.


If you're interested or have more questions you can contact me any way below:


Skype: shota-bo

Discord: shota-bo #3082  ( my personal preference )

E-mail: [email protected]  ( best way to get ahold of me )

or you can send my a private message here!


🎀 1st time commissioners get 20% off this week 🎀


- deal ends Saturday December 9th -



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Decaprio Gay Movie
Photoboy257 Blog Added 35 days ago 580 views 13 comments Post Comment

Hey guys leanardo DeCaprio did a gay porn movie in 1995 by a swedish producer it's called Total Eclipse. It's the movie leo dont want you to see so after trying to get it banned it was decided by the court that it would be a special order film at all movie rental places. Leo plays a 16th century poet who travels to sweden to become a student of the most famouse poet of that time who is a bi sexual and married. He falls in love and has a sexual relationship with leo until the guys wife finds out and threatens to divorce him. In one scene leo is laying nude on his tummy while the other poet bangs the hell out of leo. Lots of full frontal nudity and leo is often nude and doing what most gay guys would do so check it out I am sure you will jerk off to it just as I did. Enjoy.

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First Time
Jj13 Blog Added 35 days ago 431 views 9 comments Post Comment

This is my first time blogging on this site so I guess it is an experiment for now but I will learn. Any advice would be great. I can say one thing all those narcissistic mean man hating abusers can stick a dildo wrapped in barbed wire up their asses and twist it around!! Don't be bullies and haters on this site go play with other mean haters because we don't need you here!!! 

Was I clear enough?

Here is my first blog and it is short and easy,

I find my self more attracted to smaller cocks. DO NOT get me wrong I love all cocks but I find smaller ones much more enjoyable. Am I weird on this? You can ask me why if you want.

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